Sal's Realm of RuneScape For members, the recommended food to bring are monkfish or sharks. They visit Crandor to resurrect Elvarg and take control of her to try and conquer all of Runescape. I forgot to mention: now I'm lvl 50 combat, First, Get ur combat to at least 52-53, then get a rune long, or short, or scim. All Release date: 23 September 2001 Combat experience: 347 If my experience is any guide, then you won't last 2 seconds against Elvarg (but that's just my experience).

Anchovy pizzas, lobsters or swordfish are recommended, depending on the level of the player and their skill at obtaining the food (the food can be bought from the Grand Exchange). All Combat level: 63 If you still can't beat Elvarg with those stats and you really want to beat Elvarg at a low level, you could always have somebody with food outside of the combat area to give you when you run out. A rune scimitar, rune battleaxe or rune mace are effective. Just use the tactic, run heal attack over and over and you'll eventually win. But like I said earlier, if you can dance around quick and avoid her fire breath, you might get lucky. Elvarg lives on the island of Crandor and is found underground, in a cave that is connected to Karamja through a series of tunnels. During the quest Dragon Slayer, players must slay her and bring her head to Oziach in order to earn the right to wear the rune platebody, blue dragonhide body and mystic top. I can't swear that this is true, okay, but I think I heard somewhere that you can attack her and leave the fight and go back later (on the same world) and continue the fight and she'll be at the same damage level (assuming nobody else kills her in the meantime). Elvarg's reputation for destruction has travelled far, however, and when Oziach, an odd dealer in the rare and sturdy metal of runite, sets up shop in the newly renovated town of Edgeville, selling the valuable rune platebody to seasoned adventurers, he demands a test of strength to everyone who comes seeking one of his items.

Drops Undead Elvarg can drop many items, the list below lists most of them. © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved.

". Even though lesser and greater demons have a higher combat level, Elvarg is far more difficult to defeat. Upon entering, he awoke Elvarg from her slumber and enraged her, causing her to rise from the mountain and annihilate the human community on Crandor, torching the island in the process. Even though lesser and greater demons have a higher combat level, Elvarg is far more difficult to defeat. You can't use antifire potions in f2p. All NPC ID: 14548

Elvarg is a female green dragon and is considerably stronger than most others of her kind. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

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