Monsters, Inc. is a 2001 American computer-animated[2] comedy film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. Each monster represented a fear he had, and conquering those fears caused the monsters to eventually disappear. A world based on the film made its debut appearance in the Kingdom Hearts series in Kingdom Hearts III,[79][80] making it the second Disney-Pixar movie featured in the series after Toy Story. Stanley Mouse, the renowned '60s-era psychedelic poster artist, has sued Disney Enterprises and Pixar Talking Pictures, claiming that the Mike and Sully characters featured in "Monsters, Inc… [27] Kahrs found that the "bearlike quality" of Goodman's voice provided an exceptionally good fit with the character. The complexity of the shots in the film, including elaborate sets such as the door vault, required more computing power to render than any of Pixar's earlier efforts combined. The idea for Monsters, Inc. was conceived in a lunch in 1994 attended by John Lasseter, Pete Docter, Andrew Stanton and Joe Ranft during the production of Toy Story. The two are taken in by the Abominable Snowman, who tells them about a nearby village, which Sulley realizes he can use to return to the factory. According to the documents, "Excuse My Dust" was set in "Monster City," where the animated monster characters worked for the "Monster Corporation of America. [30], In the UK, Ireland, and Malta, it earned £37,264,502 ($53,335,579) in total, marking the sixth highest-grossing animated film of all time in the country and the thirty-second highest-grossing film of all time. Is working from home (literally) a pain in the neck? [41][42], Monsters, Inc. ranked number 1 at the box office on its opening weekend, grossing $62,577,067 in North America alone. It needs one final piece, which Sulley took as a memento, in order to work. [58] The score lost both these awards to The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, but after sixteen nominations, the song "If I Didn't Have You" finally won Newman his first Academy Award for Best Original Song. In 2006 Monsters, Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue! With Randall in pursuit, Mike and Sulley take Boo and escape into the door vault. [16], The storyline took on many forms during production. As he inspects the door, a small girl enters the factory. [58] It also won a Grammy Award for Best Song Written for Visual Media.[58]. [45] For a time, the film surpassed Aladdin as the second highest-grossing animated film of all time, only behind 1994's The Lion King. Mike and Sulley locate Boo's door, but Waternoose, accompanied by the CDA, brings the door down to the scare floor. The weather models are making the rain look less and less likely. Randall attempts to kill Sulley, but Boo overcomes her fear of Randall and attacks him, enabling Sulley to catch him. Development artist Ricky Nierva drew a concept sketch of a rounded, one-eyed monster as a concept for the character, and everyone was generally receptive to it. The company moved from Point Richmond to a much bigger campus in Emeryville, co-designed by Lasseter and Steve Jobs. The storyline takes place after the movie and focuses on Sulley and Mike's daily struggles to operate Monsters Inc. on its new laughter-focused company policy. [11] One of the ideas that came out of the brainstorming session was a film about monsters. [17][19][19], Between 1996 and 2000, the lead monster and child went through radical changes as the story evolved. [27] Like Goodman, Kahrs came to think of Sulley as a football player, one whose athleticism enabled him to move quickly in spite of his size. [75] In 2007, Monsters, Inc. The series will be released on Disney+ in early 2021. [16] To this end, Johnson was originally planned to have tentacles for feet; however, this caused many problems in early animation tests. "[52] Elvis Mitchell from The New York Times gave it a positive review, praising the film's use of "creative energy", saying "There hasn't been a film in years to use creative energy as efficiently as Monsters, Inc."[53] Although Mike Clark from USA Today thought the comedy was sometimes "more frenetic than inspired and viewer emotions are rarely touched to any notable degree", he also viewed the film as "visually inventive as its Pixar predecessors". "Animated 'Outtakes' Show Life 'Behind The Screams' With Disney/Pixar's 'Monsters, Inc. 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