And again – very little red for both companies. As we’ve reported, there is a new class of workloads emerging in the cloud. Let’s dig in to that data from the ETR surveys. In this Breaking Analysis we want to accomplish three things: We are seeing a revolution in the EDW market space, brought on by cloud, data science tooling and modern database technology. An email with activation link has been mailed to the email address provided.

As many of you know we’ve been skeptical of multi-cloud up until recently. We also publish a full report every week here and on SiliconANGLE. The difference is now we isolate on 298 GCP accounts running Snowflake and Google analytic databases.

The big cloud players will invest and continue to try and keep pace with Snowflake. And you see the highlighted text below where the author talks about Microsoft trying to divert customers to its database. In this example I have stored the following: At runtime, a quick API call to this specific key would return the entire record as JSON data. What some call enterprise data warehouses (EDW) – a term that is perhaps outdated for today’s speed of doing business. The cloud vendors want your data because they understand that is one of the key ingredients of the next decade of innovation.
And here’s another example from The Information reporting that Microsoft, another Snowflake cloud partner, is turning up the heat on Snowflake. NOTE: The functionality demonstrated here does not mean that Lambda is slow (compared to certain use cases). NOTE: In example above is hardcoded, but in a production scenario, I would recommend retrieving the awsSecretSnowflakeKey via an environment variable. It’s a nuanced dynamic but one that we’ve seen in the market for decades. The code for this is demonstrated in the trait class DBConnPoolInitializermethod retrieveDBConnInfo and to parse the JSON in method parseDBSecretInfo. The commonly adopted pattern of connecting to a data source using the user/password works, however there is currently no implementation for connecting to a data source using the keypair methodology mentioned above. Note the Net Scores. Should Snowflake perhaps pivot to run on-prem as a way to differentiate from the cloud giants? At the center of this mega trend is a new class of data stores and analytic databases. The class gets instantiated as part of the main class KijijiLoaderFn. For Redshift, 76% of AWS customers plan to spend more in 2020 relative to 2019 with 12% adding new. It’s time consuming and also could cost you with those frequent uploads.

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