F them. This is a guest post by Jonathan Hardy, who handles pistol permit and legislative issues for CCDL. Please provide your name and town, as well as your phone number at the end of the letter. November Food Drive - for nearly eight years, CCDL has collected and distributed food for those in need at our monthly meetings. Letter Writing Campaign – all CCDL members are encouraged to write pro-gun letters to the editors of news organizations. "Was … We-Ha.com is the place to go for the latest information about West Hartford – a town that "has it all"! Above her stand four Black men in tight clothing, labeled “government policies,” “media bias,” “ANTIFA BLM” and “COVID-19.” Gov. Until we vote these tyrants out they will continue to put their jackboots on our throats. But, the problem there is not all mental health treatment is “bad”. The fact that Jonathan Hardy posted this as, and is supposedly an unbiased official at CCDL, is extremely upsetting. Document created by E. Jonathan Hardy, Legislative Affairs Coordinator, CCDL permitissues@ccdl.us Rev Date: 1-24-13 You may also download and print out a copy of … CT's Hottest Guns and Firearms, Laws, Range Info, Politics, News and Events Social Site. “That’s when these men--and its almost all men--first started commenting and they just haven’t left my page.”. Gilchrest said she consulted with legal experts about pictures and comments posted directly to her official state representative page but was told that because the page is public, she cannot remove them. Permit Issues Coordinator – Jonathan Hardy-Discussed current cases at the Board of Pistol Permit. CCDL rejects and condemns the post as being in direct conflict with the views and values of our organization.

A spokeswoman for Facebook told the Courant she is looking into the matter. Hardy also disputed the notion that he was focused solely on guns, noting that he has testified regarding criminal justice issues, among other topics, and engages in charitable work and volunteers for disaster relief, among other issues. It's all fun and games when they are raping us but turn the tables and oh you can't do that. It is a further fracturing of the foundation this country was built on and does nothing to work toward common objectives relating to the issues. “The meme was not solicited by or associated with CCDL in any way, shape or manner, and we repudiate its content and offensive nature.” The person who posted the meme, identified on Facebook as Jonathan Hardy, did not respond to a call seeking comment. Recently, Hardy posted a horrible meme on his Facebook page depicting West Hartford resident and 18th District Rep. Jillian Gilchrest in an incredibly disrespectful manner. “A difference of opinion does not give someone the right to harass and intimidate.”, House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz said that “running for office and serving our community is a responsibility each of us take very seriously.”, “We know that we will face opposition and are open to criticism. Posting "Negative Karma" feedback under the guise of anonymity is just a “Girly-Man” thing to do. Hardy said he had posted the meme, which he did not create, to his personal page, then removed it after receiving complaints.

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