This link to Help is appropriate because basic background information like this would clutter the wizard page too much. Don't use Summary pages that merely summarize the user's previous selections, unless the task is risky (involving security, or loss of time or money) or there is a good chance that users need to review their selections. [5] Many web applications, for instance online booking sites, make use of the wizard paradigm to complete lengthy interactive processes. Think of this as a baseline for the visual integrity of a page. Optional pages must have defaults that are acceptable in most circumstances. Use. A wizard should not be used as a band-aid to fix a more basic problem with the program. It is effectively presented as a multi-page dialog box. Larger windows make the task feel more complex and require additional movement for interaction. Today, a wizard-like experience is often used to "onboard" users the first time they open an app. Does clicking Back lead you to the previous page or section in the navigation guide, or the last page or section viewed?

If cancelling is impossible, which might be the case when the wizard doesn't have control over all steps. In this example, the explanatory text should appear above the progress bar. The action is clearly inconsistent with other actions. Use Completion pages only when the results aren't visible and there's no better way to provide feedback for task completion. Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10. Use an optional Getting Started page only when: Modern wizards opt for functional first pages. Or fewer pages with more complexity? Which design is considered more usable? For example, use Connect to a Network instead of Network Setup Wizard. Don't use Welcome pages—make the first page functional whenever possible. Although most Windows wizards no longer have the word Wizard in the title, it's acceptable to refer to wizards as wizards in documentation. However, there is no need to provide them sequentially, so a dialog box is a better choice.

At each point in the process, you can provide an explanation of what is needed, and display controls that allow the user to make selections and enter text. You don't have to use wizards—you can provide helpful information and assistance in any UI. Tasks that are complex, infrequently performed, or unfamiliar may be easier to perform using a wizard. In short, if different users are likely to want to experience your program in widely different ways, this can indicate the need for a wizard and its capacity for multiple user input points. Choice pages are used to gather information and allow users to make choices. If the wizard results are clearly apparent to users, just close the wizard on the final commit button. "[1], When developing the first version of its desktop publishing software, Microsoft Publisher, around 1991, Microsoft wanted to let users with no graphic design skill make documents that still looked good. One culprit in this excess is redundancy. A main instruction to explain the user's objective with the page. Having users click Next completely through your wizard may seem like a good experience at first, but if users never need to change the defaults, the pages are probably unnecessary. Wizards that have Progress pages must use a Completion page or Follow-Up page to indicate task completion. Never include more than one branch within a branch (a "nested" branch). Your device must meet all minimum requirements to open this product, Your device should meet these requirements for the best experience. You can use Finish when the specific label is still generic, such as Save, Select, Choose, or Get. Wizards have a tendency to over-communicate. Ensure that the endpoint (Y) is stable. Prefer static sizing over dynamic if users may perceive the changes as a lack of stability in their experience of the wizard. Thank you!

With this type of guide: Users can become confused about the meaning of the Back button in this scenario. For example, a travel service might employ wizard organization based on well-established e-commerce conventions for the industry.

If a wizard by nature simplifies a complex task, it should do so relatively minimally for a technically sophisticated audience, and relatively aggressively for a novice user base. Finally, pay attention to how frequently the particular task might be performed. If it changes value, this undermines users' confidence.

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