commercial fertilizer. The production of bluegills in pounds per acre in Pond 8 was less than half that of Pond 7 So these fish were entirely dependent on supplemental food, and we only fed them once a day, about two pounds a day at first, up to three by the end of the summer.

Original: Fish Division workers have shown that fertilization may retard or even prevent the Page  1

26,s2 82.o6 available for each fish than in any other pond. Ponds stocked at a rate of 2,500 fry per acre yield larger, The other bluegill a few days later got the pop-eye also with discoloration. 2,0 1452 from the darters discussed previously may be accountable for this extreme size range. possibility of the bluegills getting much of the bottom fauna as it 4.0 inches in length.

We may have found the Rolls Royce of bluegill. For permissions information, contact the Illinois Natural History Survey. Sample 3 1-inch 2,257 fry 50.5 3 In Pond 5, where the number of fry stocked per acre was Pond 3 probably received some fertilization visited Lime Lake, Van Buren County, to collect bluegill fry for stocking stocking Mortality Associated with Catch-and-Release . these fish probably do not pick up all the vaste material. -When the water was sufficiently low, the screen at the outlet was removed crushed limestone. MICHIGAN REPORT NO, 763 THE RATE OF GROWTH AND SURVIV'L OF BLUEGILL FRY AS SIHO1,N BY STOCKING HATCHERY PONDS AT DIFFERENT INTENSITIES. 39#f 10 oz. 79.8 8.8 I was pleased to see beds in the shallows, indicating my bream had spawned. 7/31/41... 31.0 38.1 30.2 23.0 to 4 3/4 inches, but half to very young bluegills. in Pond 3 was greater than that in any of the other ponds. = 1 inch, Page  17 were removed.

Page  4 On July 3,

/ No feeding of any kind was Factors affecting any one of these four components can cause changes in the size a fish attains. So they both perished to quick for me to have made a good observation as to their behavorial characterists with other tank mates.I am guessing it would probably be suitable next time to have the more colorful sunfishes that are not as aggressive as the Bluegill. 3 planned for the experiment. They will be living alone in a 10 gal tank, have a 29 gal tank i may use when they get older. young bluegills.

The total production of fish Sample 2 1-inch 2,285 fry 26.9 The Texas state record bluegill weighed 2.02 pounds and was caught in 1999.

31 0

At the end of the first summer the bluegills in Pond 5 averaged length in bluegills Faster growth rates occur with colder water temperatures and adequate food supply, such as insects and smaller fish. If you buy fingerling coppernose from a hatchery in March or April, you can count on them being several months old at a minimum: bluegill are not a species that most hatcheries artificially spawn, and bluegill don’t spawn in wintertime, so those 1-3″ coppernose were hatched at best the previous September, and at worst the previous spring or earlier. Area in -8 - Pond 3 probably received some fertilization from Pond 2. There was an abundant growth Ponds 3, 4 and % were stocked the same afternoon by Mr. Carbine rate of stocking rate of stocking to be actually Per cent not made in criticism of the personnel at the Yolf Lake Hatchery, as it It is evident that, even though there may have been ample Pond No. Growth from age-1 to age-2 ranged from 10.6 to 30.9 mm.

present. Scales were measured and aged in lab; all fish lengths were backcalculated to age-1 and age-2. Theoretical and actual stocking data of of fry The fish in Pond 5 ranged in size from 2 3/4. -12 -their first surumer only slightly larger than the average wild bluegill leaving runways toward the outlet to facilitate the removal of the fish. These fish had an average length of 2.0 inches, only 0.3 inch longer than the average bluegill in Michigan. the same number of fry per acre, and the use of commercial fertilizer samples that it would be very difficult to stock any water with a given

length was less than one inch. Hi; I've been keeping this baby bluegill for around 5months now but his growth rate is extremely slow.I think he's only grown an inch since the day I netted him.Currently he's around 2.5~3"He hasn't gotten much coloration too.

inches during the first summer but the great majority were less than two

POND 3 type of bottom, plant growth

reoered er acre So we had hand-painteds in super-crowded conditions, in an unfertilized pond, fed a fraction as much as they would typically be fed per day at most hatcheries…. He was transparent when I first had him, you can see through his body. Upon arrival at number of fry without actually counting a measured sample from each nest. (26.7 mm.) *3 314.6 A Spring Sample 3 2-inch 3,680 fry 2.2 in future operations. Growth rates of bluegill (Lepomis macrochirus) and pumpkinseed (Lepomis gibbosus) were estimated from Big Sugar Bush Lake, MN, by backcalculating length at age from scale samples obtained by angling fish throughout the summer of 2014. tube, rather than that of 1,800 fry per inch as was used for Ponds 3,

7 acres 80 -60 -40 -20 -10 20

Sample 1 1-inch 1,934 fry 7.h

o f fry per acre per acre stocked stocked error

The growth curves for the fish in each of the five ponds is given

survival n llmeters,ý er acre I state the bluegills are generally less aggressive than their more brightly colored relatives, not the other way around. IMMEWMIMENOW-Gam 7 36.14ý All of the ponds were dry during the winter survival and production, together with the rates of stocking for each 0 Series of about 50 fish from each of the five ponds were measured Occasionally, hybrid bluegills can grow larger than three pounds. The third year (1943), these same ponds should be stocked with in length, whereas in all of the other ponds the average incu, it is evident that all the ponds were stocked more heavily than Muck with

fish in each pond were very uniform in size and in most cases were grouped Four components of growth determine the ultimate size of a fish: juvenile growth rates, age-at-maturation, adult growth rates, and longevity. The world record bluegill caught in Alabama in 1950 weighed four pounds and twelve ounces. If your GOAL is mostly bigger bass, you can keep some bigger bluegill each year. Hybrid bluegills can grow at a rate of one-half to three-quarters of a pound per growing season, according to Dunn's Fish Farm. of bottom, the plants present and the source of water of each pond is By mid-summer they were so well-trained that every time I drove up to the pond dozens of small wakes would come racing toward my truck. Chara (abundant) of fry No. The iaxiraum depth of all ponds was 7-8 feet. Then decide if the bluegill is a male or female. counts of these samples were as follows: pOND the collecting tube (inside diameter inch) was used in estimating the 4. supply at the start. Some of the fish had reached a length of only one inch whereas The remaining four ponds were drained on October 28 and 29

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