In plaats van de glimmend witte buitenkant, die soms wat glibberig kon aanvoelen bij bezwete handen, heeft Apple nu gekozen voor een matte afwerking. Now Apple has introduced an all-new iPad Pro and a No. Apple managed to make a great first-generation product better in every single way. We hebben we een aantal voorbeelden gezien waarbij de gravering niet mooi was uitgelijnd. (Hand holding Pencil?). One of the major improvements compared to the old Apple Pencil is the way how it charges. Toch is het dan jammer, dat je meer betaalt voor iets wat feitelijk hetzelfde is. In almost every way, it's different in ways that make it better. This may not be necessary for note-taking apps like GoodNotes but people who primarily want to draw on their iPads will enjoy a greater selection of tips. Apple heeft een aantal eigenschappen van een traditioneel potlood in deze digitale variant gestopt en dat voelt erg natuurlijk. While this may have been true in 2007, we have to acknowledge that times and human needs have changed. It would be interesting to see an Apple Pencil with all flat sides, which would be even closer to a real pencil. It's faster than spinning the Pencil around and erasing with the back, and less tactile-ly annoying than having a physical button always there, lying in wait, tempting you to click it over and over again... You can switch the double tap to alternating between the current and previous tools, or to bring up the palette. Ook kan de verf van een iets te blauwe spijkerbroek sporen achterlaten. Which is good, because the new, the second generation Pencil doesn't work with previous generation iPads, and the the first generation Pencil doesn't work with the new iPad Pro. So far, most of the available apps support the default double-tap gestures but we’ve seen some very interesting approaches and are excited to try out some more advanced double-tap features ourselves for GoodNotes. Trick question. Marques Brownlee shows the Apple Pencil skin on Twitter, Draw and Hold to Create Perfect Shapes & More: What’s New with GoodNotes’ Shape Recognition, Easily Add Drawing Capabilities to your iOS app with PencilKit, How to Make Google Docs Look Like Dropbox Paper. First rumors have appeared that more gestures could be added as additional software updates over time.

Now, the Apple Pencil 2 is always charging. And that means there's no cap to cover it, to take off and put on, or to lose. Save an insane 73% on a new IPVanish subscription for a limited time, Gesture/charging zone complicates ergonomic sleeves. Laat het ons weten! Een andere grote verbetering heeft te maken met opladen. The Pencil... is a Pencil. Here is our review of Apple’s new iPad stylus and our opinion on past, present, and future of the device. VPN Deal! Verder is de magnetische bevestiging aan de iPad niet altijd even betrouwbaar. Toch niet. No reticule. Artikelcorrectie, spelfout of -aanvulling doorgeven? This makes a lot more sense because it intelligently uses the time where you don’t need it so that it is ready when you do. No air gap. I like the Apple. Apple has done a great job with this iteration, but it's still far from a perfect pointing device. For the past 3 weeks, we’ve been testing the 2nd generation of the Apple Pencil with the iPad Pro. Without it, the iPad feels kind of… Pointless. So damn always.

The tip can still be replaced but Apple stopped including replacement tips in the box. Instead, it charges in a way that makes you forget it even needs to charge. A lot.

Apple did a lot of materials and coating work to get it to feel as good as it does, but it's still plastic on glass, and the No. Automatic wireless charging and pairing is likely the biggest and best thing that could happen to the Apple Pencil. I used Wacom Intuous and Cintiq tablets and styluses for over a decade when I worked in design.

(Draw branding, erase pencil. De zilveren ring ontbreekt en de pen bestaat nu uit één stuk. Trick question. Apple introduced a double-tap gesture which lets users control apps and trigger certain actions, for example switching between the pen and the eraser or switching between the two last used tools in note-taking or drawing apps like GoodNotes. Rene Ritchie has been covering personal technology for a decade. After a few days, you kinda even forget it does charge. It's a bummer, especially because the new Pencil costs $30 more than the old Pencil thanks to all the new tech — shrunk now denser than AirPods, I've heard — and sometimes the future comes at the expense of the past. Ook krijg je niet meer een Lightning-adaptertje meegeleverd, maar dat is logisch. Als je talent hebt en goed kunt tekenen of schilderen, is het een genot om deze nieuwe Pencil te gebruiken. However, there are a few things we’re hoping to see in the future. Many people probably miss out on the great experience writing with the Apple Pencil offers because they don’t want to spend another 129 US$ after investing a lot of money in an iPad Pro.

129 US$ is a lot for a product that actually should be bought with every iPad because of the great synergy effect these two create when using the right apps. Maar er valt nog steeds wel iets te wensen.

Now the end is... just an end. That's where the touch layer, ProMotion refresh rate, predictive tracking, and palm rejection come in. We vinden het simpele witte uiterlijk van deze tweede generatie Apple Pencil een verbetering. The tip is still the tip. Apple levert bij deze nieuwe Pencil geen reserve-schrijfpunt mee, een nogal flauwe kostenbesparing. The new matte surface provides a much better grip than the old polished white plastic and makes the Pencil feel warmer and more convenient to hold, which will make a difference for everyone who uses it for long stretches of time. Instead of being completely round, Apple flattened one of the Pencil's edges so it sits better on the side of the iPad. The idea of charging the iPad accessory without the need for a power outlet is great but the solution was never ideal. The 2nd generation of the Apple Pencil is an amazing device. Het is momenteel beperkt tot één actie. Zo werkt deze nieuwe Apple Pencil niet met eerdere iPad Pro’s en ook niet met de 9,7-inch iPad die nog maar net ondersteuning kreeg voor de tekenpen. As it is, it stays in place most of the time while docked and charging, though you can still knock it off and it can get knocked of in a bag. And Apple will just manages it so it always stays charged and ready for you to use it. Bring it near the right edge of a new iPad Pro and it gets sucked precisely into place like it was hit by an imperial tractor beam. Alle goede eigenschappen van de eerste generatie zijn gebleven: het natuurlijke gevoel in de hand (dat zelfs nog iets is verbeterd door de matte afwerking), de responsiviteit zonder wachten en de prettige rubber tekenpunt. Except for the branding. Former editor-in-chief of iMore and Editorial Director for Mobile Nations, he specializes in Apple and related technologies, news analysis and insight. Dit deed ons denken aan het gemak waarmee je de AirPods koppelt. Mocht het helemaal misgaan, dan kun je de Pencil altijd nog schuren en er een ouderwets potlood van maken. Hij glijdt minder snel uit je hand en heeft door de afgeplatte zijkant ook meer grip. Andersom geldt ook niet. The downsides we listed above are nit-picking because the new Pencil is almost flawless. Tijdens het gebruik merkten we dat de Apple Pencil 2018 erg prettig in de hand ligt. Our digital ink is powered by a pioneering vector ink algorithm which allows a smooth and precise handwriting experience.

Iets anders is dat we de Apple Pencil 2 vaker zijn gaan gebruiken dan zijn voorganger. Het matte materiaal lijkt ook wat meer gevoelig voor vlekken. We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. New gesture area, new flattened side, and new magnetic charging and storage solution combine to make the new Apple Pencil (2018) the new state of the art. I loved them. Apple outfitted the iPad Pro 2018 with 102 magnets it, which connect it to the Apple Pencil 2 and Smart Folio Keyboard. Learn more. Just above the tip is a new, capacitive touch area. Yeah, sure, it wasn't perfect: It was slick and circular, had no quick way to switch tools, its cap was so easy to lose, and it's fast charging solution just looked... rude.

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