. It’s a coming-of-age tale without summer sun that feels all the more formative because of it. Sly, subtle, quietly triumphant ... "Winter Flies" keeps you guessing. They’re headed…somewhere. Metacritic Reviews. “Olmo makes movies not for the glory or the money, but for the love of making them,” Křenková told me, and I believe her whole-heartedly. Along the way, they’re hassled by some creep who proceeds to try and drown the dog they refuse to take off his hands, they practically kidnap a pretty hitchhiker (Eliska Krenková) and try to impose their crude, childish notions of sexuality upon her and Mára tells tales of his beloved grandpa, who taught him “to drive before I could walk.”. We know it all came to an unexpected end. He won’t spill his name or hometown. Movies, Reviews,Trailers,Interviews and News, A monthly event... LAFeedbackFilmFestival.com, "Find what you love and let it kill you." Our review of Winter Flies. Keeping an eye on all the latest mainstream films and television. While Winter Flies might not tell us anything new, it relates its old story with a vivid specificity and a beguiling sense of mischief that makes it feel fresh. Informed film criticism, against the grain –since 1984. Netflixable? When we meet him he’s covered in camo, paintball-sniping passing cars. Review this title 2 Reviews. Observant and wise about boys in puberty yet impish and carefree when necessary and never idealizing the cold and dreary countryside they travel through, Winter Flies is a lovely little film that’s as comfortable as an old sweater and almost as warm. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. MPAA Rating: unrated, crude language, sexual content, animal cruelty, Cast: Tomás Mrvík, Jan Frantisek Uher, Eliska Krenková, Lenka Vlasáková. Random. If only every comedy had the surprise twist that the Czech road picture “Winter Flies” saves for its finale. ", Movie Review: "Borat Subsequent Moviefilm," just as outrageous, not as funny. External Reviews They’ve both seen those movies. "American Pie Presents: 'Girls' Rules", Movie Review: A fake priest, an Exorcism streaming show, a test from Satan -- "The Cleansing Hour", Documentary Review: Bruce summons the E-Street Band to produce “Letter to You”, Classic Documentary Review: “I Am a Dancer” gives us Peak Nureyev, Movie Review: Father and child escape to “The Place of No Words”, Movie Preview: A twelve year old escapes poverty via fantasy, “Princess of the Row”, Action/Adventure Film & Screenplay Festival. Mára, a sullen, shaven-headed 15-year-old, is running away from home at the wheel of a stolen Audi. Tom Bond. | Photo: Courtesy of Karlovy Vary International Film Festival . Mára and Heduš are two teenagers who run away from their respective homes to take a road trip. Winter Flies is a Czech film written by Petr Pýcha and directed by Olmo Omerzu. The cops, who are dishonest, faintly corrupt and homophobic (“Are you a ‘tranny’ in training?”) decide he’s got “an active imagination and a sentimental side” (in Czech, with English subtitles). A Film Movement release on Film Movement Plus, Amazon Prime. They hit the open road, dodge the big cities and stop to ditch their phones so that they’re not tracked. Get your short film showcased at the FEEDBACK Film Festival. 06/07/2018 - KARLOVY VARY 2018: Olmo Omerzu's third feature is an accomplished and engaging combination of boys' adventure and gritty Central European drama. With Heduš’ ungainly cluelessness and Mára’s misguided confidence, what else could we do? Notable Video Game Releases: New and Upcoming. | | Book Review: The "Real" Judy Greer speaks up in "I Don't Know What You Know Me From", Documentary Review: "The Phenomenon" revisits UFOdom's Greatest Hits, Movie Review: In Russia, just call these brutish bros "Three Comrades", Netflixable? They’re always taking you somewhere, and in this case, it’s a destination you never see coming. The voice on that World Series TV ad for Joe Biden? It’s simple, and simple-minded, and it so upends expectations that it leaves you the way every comedy should — tickled. As they drive past the hitchhiker, they meet Bára, who quickly joins them. Eliška Křenková, Jan František Uher and Tomáš Mrvík in Winter Flies. Tweet. Recent. Is anybody home at "House of the Witch? This Czech coming-of-age comedy is a delightfully immature road movie about boyhood friendships, with a bootful of pathos. Welcome to the drinking blog with a film problem. Twelve-year-old Hedus (Jan Frantisek Uher) and fourteen-year -old Mara (Tomas Mrvik) embark on a road trip across the Czech Republic in a stolen Audi. October 7, 2020. Anna McKibbin. A Quiet Place - Review. User Ratings Mára’s been caught, and a couple of cops (Lenka Vlasáková and Martin Pechlát). Don’t run toward the “Dark Light”, Movie Review: How “Winter Flies” when you run away from your Czech home, Reviews, previews, profiles and movie news, Netflixable? It’s simple, and simple-minded, and it so upends expectations that it leaves you the way every comedy should — tickled. Kid’s seen a few movies, but how he missed the ones with all the Legion bullying going on remains a mystery. By Cat LaVarre On Monday afternoon, a free showing of "Winter Flies" (Všechno bude) played out before a fully packed Lobero Theatre. Movie Review: A grieving obsessive-compulsive falls under an Icelandic "Spell". Eye For Film >> Movies >> Winter Flies (2018) Film Review Winter Flies. But by Václav Havel, he has a tale to tell. Home; Reviews. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. Stephanie Watts. Mára’s more mature. Credits: Directed by Olmo Omerzu, script by Petr Pýcha. by Vladan Petkovi ć. Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. crude and unconvincing" - Halliwell; "Patched together" - Kauffmann). Reviews. Or at least he seems that way. The reviews of Brook's 1963 film version were not glowing ("Semiprofessional . Seemingly coming from neglectful homes, they'll be faced with plenty of adventures and misadventures along the way. | Both boys dream of having sex with her but she locks herself in the car at night. Besides, he tells Mára (Tomás Mrvík), the slightly older friend he flags down in that Audi, “they don’t ‘bully’ in the Legion.”. If only every comedy had the surprise twist that the Czech road picture Winter Flies saves for its finale. , Jan Frantisek Uher, Eliska Krenková, Lenka Vlasáková. To France? Film reviews and news, everyone's a critic! The selection was of a Czech film that won Best Director in the 2018 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. Mangrove – LFF 2020 Review. Awards Search. He may be plump and clumsy, but he’s a good shot. The Czech Republic, a small Central European country that peacefully separated from Slovakia in 1993, may often be overlooked by people That’s the thing about road comedies. FAQ Even when they’re meandering, it’s never an aimless wandering. – Charles Bukowski. Sort by: Filter by Rating: 8 /10. The voice-over on Joe Biden's new ad is unmistakable -- Recognize it? The Disciple – LFF 2020 Review. But we can see that. But it isn’t until that ending arrives that we see how unexpected it is. . “Winter Flies,” an Official Selection at KVIFF, is the third feature from Omerzu, and it further cements the 33-year-old Slavic director’s status as a force to be reckoned with. He's barely hit the road before a chubby, hulking acquaintance named Hedus, dressed in shaggy camo and carrying an intimating automatic weapon that turns out to be only a pellet gun, wheedles him into letting him go along. Reviewed by: Amber Wilkinson "There's a refreshing lack of sentimentality in the way Omerzu captures his duo of protagonists." “Winter Flies” — the title is a snowy insect metaphor — is short, sweet, kind of crude but always to the point. It’s about two dorky teens sprinting across the country in a stolen late-model Audi. Review: Winter Flies. Best of 2018: Film Awards and Nominations, Music title data, credits, and images provided by, Movie title data, credits, and poster art provided by. April 6, 2018. Their trip is an odyssey interrupted by a series of flash-forwards. Winter Flies movie reviews & Metacritic score: Police interrogate 14-year-old Mára at the station after he is caught behind the wheel far across country from where he lives. Our review of Winter Flies. One kid’s being grilled by the police. Or maybe some place Heduš (Jan Frantisek Uher) can “join the French Foreign Legion.”, Why? Heduš is downright childish. Get your screenplay showcased at the Writing Festival. At every step of the way, we fear for them. Movie Review: How “Winter Flies” when you run away from your Czech home Posted on April 13, 2020 by rogerinorlando If only every comedy had the surprise twist that the Czech road picture “Winter Flies” saves for its finale. Hide Spoilers. |

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