It comes in a wide range of colors and patterns and is also a very long-lived kitty, with a lifespan of 15 to 20 years not being out of the ordinary. Which of these four exotic cats do you think would make the best pet for you? This breed of cats is a domesticated type and is known as one of the … Please take a minute to leave me a note in the comment section and share your opinion on the subject of exotic cats as pets.

The breed was recognized in 2003 as an Advanced New Breed (ANB) by TICA. Let’s discover the origins, characteristics, and fun facts about these breeds and find out why owning these exotic cats as pets can be satisfying.

The classic tortoiseshell coat pattern appears to consist of black, red, and cream colored hairs, but in reality consists of black areas and orange tabby areas. It can be quite vocal and demanding — a very “dog-like” cat.

This is a loving, gentle cat that loves to play, but can stay quiet and out of the way when you’re busy, which makes it the perfect kitty for families with children or other animals.

The original cats developed from natural mating between Felis lybica (the ancestor of domestic cats) with Felis chaus (jungle cats). Donna Cosmato (author) from USA on December 30, 2011: Hi mljdgulley354 and thanks for sharing your opinion! In fact, these cats play well with other pets and are kid-friendly. These adaptable cats like playing games with other pets and children, but also appreciate a good cuddle when everything has calmed down.

Cats have a reputation for being aloof, independent and unaffectionate — but that image is totally unfair and not true. The present body type of this breed is result of the breeding of this cat with North American cats.

The Minskin loves everyone: kids, other pets, and people.

The author has partnered with a retired vet to write about pet health and enjoys researching and sharing tips for pet owners. I'm glad you liked it! Here we examine four exotic feline hybrids that are registered and recognized by The International Cat Association (TICA). Would you consider owning an exotic pet, or would the costs and other potential problems scare you off? Their sweet temperature combined with an eternal kitten-face earns them the nickname “Hobbit” cat. Should you be unable to keep them, finding a suitable home may be problematic. It is often mistakenly considered to be related to the Canadian Sphynx, but it is not. Their wrinkly coats and other-world appearance are guaranteed conversation starters for those that are unfamiliar with the breed. 1500.00 cash or card ok email for more details. Our list of cat types covers a wide array of breeds from common pet cats to the exotic cat.

Anesthesia, defined as a "loss of feeling or sensation," is commonly used in veterinary practices, and provides an essential tool for surgical or other painful procedures that are recommended for your cat's health. The American shorthair is great with kids and even gets along well with dogs, too. Find Cat Breeds and Cat information at Pets4Homes. I think the ears on the Donskoy make its name apparent, it has donkey ears. While they can jump, it takes them several leaps and some intermediary boosts to reach the same point another cat could reach in a single jump. The Pets4Homes site contains information on all major Cat breeds and has thousands of Cats for sale in the UK from breeders and private sellers. Hi It's nice to see this Cat... in northern Africa. Most experts would list non-endangered small cats, hybrids, endangered small cats, and big cats. Exotic feline hybrids must be kept indoors or taken outdoors on leashes because they still have some wild instincts and may run away. It's funny but I didn't realize how much the Donskoy's ears did look like a donkey's ears until you pointed it out:) All these kitties are really adorable and it was so much fun learning more about them that writing this hub seemed more like play than work. Most experts would list non-endangered small cats, hybrids, endangered small cats, and big cats. The Donskoy is also known as the Russian Hairless.

Some Chausies have been known to pull them open! More: Turns Out, Pine Is An Excellent Deodorizer for Pets.

The average Birman weighs about 8 to 12 pounds. Thus began the process of domestic cat breeds, spurring some of the most intriguing types of cats seen today. My cat recently passed after gifting me 19 wonderful years.. There are cat breeds that have amazing personalities and aren’t little jerks like the general population would have you believe.

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