The Other Man (1994) Edward Norton. Sara Ballantine stated in an interview that Brian Austin Green and Tim Daly auditioned to play him on Spider-Man. Reporter Shoshona Reed is about to expose a number of people who have a lot to lose. 0 5 . Spider-Man eventually mutated further into a creature dubbed "Man-Spider". This Spider-Man is simply an actor in a costume. A ambitious reporter investigating a murder case becomes intrigued with a mysterious woman whom she suspects is having an affair with her husband. One version of Peter existed where Uncle Ben was never killed. The second incarnation of The Mask, Lieutenant Kellaway was an honest cop who Kathy gave the Mask to for safe keeping. In the film adaptation, which is loosely based on the first few issues of the comics, a significantly different, yet somewhat accurate version of the Stanley Ipkiss incarnation appears as the titular protagonist. Enhanced Agility and Strength, Wallcrawling. [1][2] Both the Hammond and this versions were based on the classic design by John Romita, Sr.. John Semper, Jr. explained, "He was based on detailed instructions given by Stan Lee to producer Bob Richardson, who then drew the design himself. Punisher was eventually captured by Man-Spider and taken to the World Trade Center parking garage. Though he had good intentions, J. Jonah Jameson constantly ruined Spider-Man's reputation with the public. So Spider-Man must team up with and lead the Spider-Men, consisting of Scarlet Spider and four other alternate universe Spider-Mans to defeat Spider-Carnage. Bruce is a gargoyle on the side of a building that he often confides in. It was originally not said by anyone, just the comic's narration, only later being attributed to Uncle Ben. Upon returning to his house, Stanley removes the Mask and is shot in the back and killed by Kathy, who had figured out his identity. Warren Sroka provided the voice of young Peter in "The Mutant Agenda" while Peter Mark Richman voiced the elderly Peter in "The Final Nightmare". It is unknown whether Spider-Carnage's symbiote is the same Carnage symbiote that Spider-Man and Venom fought and pushed into the Dormammu's dimension or another Carnage symbiote from an entirely different dimension. He has developed spider-tracers, small tracking devices that can stick to anything, and a device to track them. Green was already playing Human Torch on Fantastic Four. Peter is deeply loyal to his friends and families. His most unique power is his Spider-Sense, which is precognitive in nature and allows him to sense danger in any form before it happens and warns him in no time by a tingling sensation in the back of his skull, even when disguised as a friend or ally. The Other Man (1994) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. This was the first version where the symbiote makes Peter darker and more aggressive. Peter began to love science. Peter went into wrestling first to gain attention and then went on television. At first, Loki draws Alvey over to him, but then Tim takes off the mask and tells Alvey about how he wants to raise him and that he loves him, making Alvey choose him instead. He went on to play Spider-Man 2099/Miguel O'Hara on the semi-sequel Spider-Man: Edge of Time opposite Keaton. The new suit gave Spider-Man even greater strength and agility, but made him more aggressive. It may be that he got all his powers from the spider bite. During the performance, Christine's friend slips Christine's room key into the stripper's underwear, who pays her a visit that night. While attacking Spider-Carnage's fortress this Spider-Man is knocked down by Hobgoblin's glider and hit with the Armored Spider-Man's gas missile. Beyonder put everyone back without the knowledge of what happened and then sent Spider-Man to his ultimate challenge. This time Spider-Carnage plans to destroy each dimension, one at a time. Ms. Marvel said she began having feelings for him after she was bonded with the Venom symbiote. The Mask, after Lobo fights and subsequently teams up with the new Big Head to search the galaxy for the "Ultimate Bastich", a former Mask wearer who racked up a large bounty after decimating a number of planets, they stop at a truck stop where Lobo ends up winning the Mask. Chad McQueen Net Worth. The Mask has various powers such as super-strength, speed, intelligence, and durability. 2,054,148 Pages. While at a party, she stumbles into a room by accident to see a man kissing a woman's legs. Use the HTML below. He even fought John Jameson when he had been transformed into a large wolf creature. These were the people that the Mask possessed through the various installments. Or it could have activated a dormant mutant gene in his DNA. Comics This was adapted into "Turning Point". Later, Peter designed watch that contained a complex system of nano-bots that could cover his body and clothes in seconds and form his new nano-tech suit and could allow him to appear invisible, fire different types of webbing and fire darts and have normal, infrared, and augmented vision. and its director Nick Fury helped Spider-Man on several occasions. Evil-doer This is unknown if he was ever cured or not. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. S.H.I.E.L.D. Finally with a break, Peter and Mary Jane were able to go on their honeymoon. Peter then learns that his parents, Richard and Mary, were traitors, causing Peter to travel to Russia to clear their names. Add the first question. Superhuman strengthSuperhuman speedSuperhuman durabilityShapeshiftingElasticityImmortalityEssokinesisWhirligigikinesisSize manipulationTransfigurationDuplicationSummoningCreatingPower mimicry/replicationFourth wall awarenessTrickery She has an affair with him, and returns to her office, where the stripper gives her a dirty phone call to which she responds to. Gorgonzola. Her brother goes back to her house, and sees a strange man kissing her best friend's legs. In various episodes, the Mask has gotten into the hands of several antagonists, most notably Pretorius, Fish Guy, Government Guy, and Walter (although, like in the comics, wearing the Mask of Loki does not affect him). When a space shuttle crashed and Spider-Man went to the rescue Brock took photos of Rhino stealing from the shuttle and doctored them to make it appear as though Spider-Man was the thief. Our Spider-Man arrived and Spider-Carnage had briefly mistaken him for Ben. Believing her to be dead, Spider-Man swore vengeance on the goblin until Norman too went into a portal. With his new powers, Joker rejuvenates his criminal career by nearly killing Batman, destroying the Batmobile and taking over Gotham, resulting in Commissioner Gordon calling Lieutenant Kellaway over from Edge City to help deal with the new Joker. After Spider-Carnage was defeated our Spider-Man went to his dimension to meet Stan Lee. At the same time the Punisher came back and decided to look into the disappearance of Mary Jane, feeling Peter had something to do with it. The two went through much together. He was an actor who played the superhero. His attorney, Wilson Fisk, becomes involved with Spider-Carnage and captured Spider-Man. The Other Man est un film américano-britannique de Richard Eyre sortie en 2008. His identity was known to the public and was well loved. As Joker begins beating Batman, the original Joker's head sprouts from his shoulders and tells him that he really isn't funny before taking control of his body, removing the Mask and turning himself back to normal.

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