The POWER Interfaith coalition, a Pennsylvania-based progressive group, commissioned a poll this month, reported first by POLITICO, that found that 72 percent of Black male voters in Philadelphia under the age of 50 are backing Biden. One, and I think this is most important, is when people ask me what surprised me most about the presidency, you know, what I always tell them is: I understood but didn’t fully appreciate the degree to which we kind of underwrite the international order. And progressives say, no, we should use these alternative technologies. That makes a difference. If I went back to those same places. "As always, it's a mix of genres that travels through various eras.

I hope you guys are plugging the need for everybody who has not responded to the census to get your information in there. It will require something more than the “‘I Hate Trump’ show,” as Wu called it—but it can’t entirely ignore Trump, either. No, I don’t think it does. The Lincoln Project: Friend, Foe, or Fraud? We have experienced diplomats. Debate commission: Candidates' mics will be muted during portions of final debate, Trump mocks Fauci, downplays COVID-19 at Arizona rally, Kamala Harris says Florida voters will decide election during campaign stop, Florida voters wait in long lines on 1st day of early voting. The South was Democratic. But the truth of the matter is that, when I was in office, Eric Holder said to U.S. attorneys, ‘We’re not going to judge you on getting the maximum sentence every single time.’ He changed the criteria so that the federal government, in cases that were involving drug cases, for example, wasn’t throwing the book at folks and trying to maximize the number of people going to prison.
You know what? You know, we all hope that the Republican fever would break after the 2012 reelect. Last question and will let you go. But that’s an argument I think we have to welcome. “America’s Crazy Uncle.” (Town hall recap). Part of that is because 90 percent of criminal sentencing typically is taking place at the state rather than the federal level. You know what? You guys were there. He said Biden has the experience to lead the country after eight years as his second-in-command. And whatever you think about whether the federal government can help on big major issues like systemic racism. And I have confidence that we can get back to a point where both parties have in it those better angels. And we as Democrats have to remind ourselves that, for much of the 20th century, the Democrats were as bad or worse. Even a well-meaning president can’t solve everything, but they can make some things better.

That behavior matters.

Barack Obama  ‘Obama seems like he’s doing a great job’ You know? So so the answer, I guess, Tommy, is I think that Trump is expressing or mirroring, and in some ways explicitly exploiting and took on the crazy that was being pumped out through these venues each and every day.

That’s what you always taught me. Oct. 22 (UPI) -- Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden says if he's elected, he will assign a panel of experts to study the U.S. Supreme Court and make recommendations about whether reforms are needed. And in that circumstance, democracy works. But, because of the filibuster and Mitch McConnell systematically wanting to throw sand into the gears, no matter how much outreach we made, as long as the Republicans could maintain unity– and McConnell was very explicit about this, he said ‘Well here’s one thing I’ve learned as long as we can keep Republicans off Obama’s bills, even when it’s their proposals that used to be Republican proposals, then we can rob them of the veneer of bipartisanship. And it’s a bit of esoteric like Washington debate. Dodd-Frank. Because it’s too dangerous. Us initiating a consent decree in a place like Ferguson so that they can’t make a move if the terms of how their police department works without first clearing it with civil rights attorneys to make sure they’re not reinforcing bias. But, you know, Republicans think we just have to adapt because we can’t give up, you know, our cars. It’s seemingly part of just his general rage at any discussion of Russian interference in the 2016 campaign. 2020 Elections. What is your pitch to these voters? It’s remarkable to me how used to this kind of language the D.C. has become, the press corps has become. You’ve got the Pentagon. Are they people who are instinctively generous in spirit? You have to nurture it. The filibuster would be one. Days after the 2016 election, Barack Obama was racked by self-doubt.
“But when they talk about policing and we talk about ways that they can actually have a say in that, it’s much closer to home and people can relate to that.”, Trump, in Pennsylvania, faces an old foe: Obama.

It’s great to look at policy and do they have what were there ten point plans on this, or that or the other. Right. And I think we can win that argument with the majority of the American people. I think that the caution I always have for progressives is making sure that, as you push for the most you could get, that at a certain point you say: ‘All right. This thing’s not self executing. And again, I don’t want to lose track of this because right now we just have what’s right in front of us. For those who are concerned about the criminal justice system.

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