My Little Pony - The Ponies: Twilight Sparkle: The leader of the Mane 6, she shares the magic of friendship with everypony she meets.❤️ Fluttershy: A kind and gentle pony with a love of all creatures, big and small. Applejack: Honest, friendly and sweet to the core! Pinkie Pie: The silliest pony around, she knows how to turn any frown upside down! Rarity: The resident fashionista, known for her beauty and generosity. Rainbow Dash: A loyal and dependable friend who is always ready for adventure! Evil Jack Frost: Would You Like To Cheese and Butter Spray Like a Popcron? Josyah Fierro: That's Right Thirstle, For The Moment You Been Waiting For, The Special Bauh Hum Minty Experiment, We Have To It For The Ponies We Have To, I'm Saying To You, Bring It On! My Little Pony: A Very Minty Christmas is a direct-to-DVD animated film produced by SD Entertainment, and released on October 25, 2005 by Paramount Home Entertainment.. That we still hold near and dear. The Eagle Jack: I'm Back Boys and Ponies (The Boys and Ponies are Gone) Um, Boys, Ponies, Where Did He Go. Olie Polie: this is the best snowball i ever had. Rainbow Dash and Minty too It's nice to have a few Clarence Wendell: Bundled Up in Pink and Green. (The BrainPOP Boys and Ponies are Running to The Movies). Dialogue [] Pinkie Pie: [from the other room] Santa? Caillou and Santa Clause: Riding In Santa's Slegh! (The Bus Driver is Push The Button and The Music Starts in Go Jimmy Jimmy), Chous: Go Jimmy Jimmy That's The Voice I Hear Inside (Everybody Let's Bounce,) Straight Up Come Along The Ride Go Jimmy Jimmy To The Rescue Through The Big Blue Sky (Be Back Before I Leave) It's Jimmy Neutron Time (The BrainPOP Boys and The Ponies are Going To The Mall with The Bus Driver To Drive) Go Jimmy Jimmy, That's The Voice I Hear Inside (Everybody Let'ts Bounce Straight Up Come Along The Ride Go Jimmy Jimmy To The Rescue Through The Big Blue Sky (Be Back Before I Leave) It's Jimmy Neutron Time (The Bus Stop and End the Song and We are here in the Mall), Bus Drvier: Here We Are, The Christmas Mall On This Holiday, Now You Boys and Ponies have Fun with our Mall I Tour and Be a Look Out for The Evil Jack Frost, Oh, and Dexter Your Hinest, Don't Be Attacked By Those Nasty Balloons (Laugh), Dexter: There Call Baloons Bus Driver, There Rueind The Baloons In The Empire, Well Moby Is About The Robots To Come With Me and The Meet Santa Clause for Sixty Years! This page was last modified on 7 March 2017, at 17:49. Easy smiles and great good cheer Snowcones, I'm Going In You Turn To The Mascot Movie Mall With Out Me Evil Jack Frost. Walter Beckett: In That's Josyah's Spell Was Right. And jingle bells ringing A mini-figure toy and another collector card of Minty are included together in the twelfth wave of mystery packs. Pinkie gets slightly mad but realises Minty was just trying to help. Jeshu: Yeah, Were Going To The Places and Fast. Tim (BrainPOP): It's Real, Were Robots Team. Miguel Rivera: and i Built the guitar with snow guitar. (Back In The Forest Evil Jack Frost is Crying To Broken Monster Bear), Evil Jack Frost: "Crying", What Have You Done, and What of My Gonna Do SUPER FAILURE! Andy Davis: Now Let Me You To Find The Eagle Kind is Just Espicaliy for a Another Time Of Boys, Right Guys? Minty: Yeah I Guess Like It Was Bart, Bart, Bart, Bart! (The Evil Jack Frost and Evil 3 Snowcones are Shocked and Looking For The Saw and The Scarecrow Get a Saw and Die). Caillou: Yeah, Rosie's My Daughter will Make Santa Live all Over Agian, our Mission, It's Going to The Santa's Slegh, Were The Santa, Wil Give Us to Paying a Red Santa's Slegh, To The North Pole! Bart Simpson: I Know It Is Stanley, I Know How Much You are Gonna Do (Bart Simpson and Stan Marsh is Walking On The Grass), Heremy (RTRNR): Hey Tim, There's a Reindeer Is Park Mall Reindeers (The Reindeers are In The Park Mall). (Minty, Sweetberry and Sparkleworks are Shocked and Ruiend The Tree). (Andy Davis is Pointing a Cow). George Little: That Was The Best Day Christmas Of The Forest Life. Still believing (The Stars are Pretty Coming In The Night Skyes). Josyah Fierro: Is Working, But Evil Jack Frost Is Deafet and 3 Evil Snowcones was Melting, is Defeating, But We All Put The Star On The Top Of This Time.

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