Goku will stand his ground, firing a shockwave of pressurized air out of each hand. Goku will drop down to one hand and thrust a foot forward. Appears in front of the opponent and fires a Kaioken-empowered Kamehameha directly forward. Fires a Kamehameha wave directly forward. Deals more damage and causes a wallbounce on hit. A jumping somersault followed by a downward axe-handle. With both allies, Goku can perform three attacks. Raises both hands in the sky to gather energy, increasing Spirit Bomb level by one. Appears in front of the opponent, kicks them into the air and then dives down while doing a double-handed punch. Causes a wallbounce on hit. Playable Characters' Move List in Dragon Ball FighterZ Base Roster Goku (Super Saiyan) • Vegeta (Super Saiyan) • Piccolo • Gohan (Teen) • Frieza • Captain Ginyu • Trunks • Cell • Android 18 • Gotenks • Krillin • Kid Buu • Majin Buu • Nappa • Android 16 • Yamcha • Tien • Gohan (Adult) • Hit • Goku (SSGSS) • Vegeta (SSGSS) • Beerus • Goku Black • Android 21 Dragon Ball FighterZ Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Fires the completed SPirit Bomb forward. While the Spirit Bomb is extremely powerful, it moves extremely slow to the ground and will leave Goku completely vulnerable until it detonates. This attack hits low. Lunges forward and strikes with his elbow. If used afterwards, the combo will simply end. The Spirit Bomb carries the opponent to the ground towards the ending explosion. This is a rising knee strike that will launch the foe slightly off the ground. Moves a little bit forward before doing the grab. A crouching side kick that moves Goku a considerable distance forward. Has quick startup and can be used to end blockstrings safety. The height and stun time of the opponent allows Goku to easily follow-up with a Super Spirit Bomb. Consumes one Ki gauge. A standard down heavy attack: just a jumping uppercut that launches the opponent. Fighting Style / Moveset Personality / Charisma Outfit(s) / Appearance Fires a Kamehameha wave directly forward. Powers up using the Kaioken technique. Takes a step back and delivers an elbow strike. This attack causes a groundbounce on hit. Can also be inputted with. Consumes one Ki gauge. Fires a Kiai forward that goes fullscreen. Even if the upward kick of Kaioken Finisher is used, Goku can still follow-up with this move. Fires a Kaioken-empowered Kamehameha aimed upwards. Invulnerable to air-attacks, Goku will flick his hands upwards, sending a set of ki blasts rocketing straight up from the ground. Goku will lean forward into a straight punch. This is automatically the first input his no other buttons are held. This "Kiai" will hit on both sides, and will cause a wall bounce. Moves forward to grab the opponent and throws them behind himself. After a third input, Goku will teleport above the foe, legs outstretched, and attempt a drop kick. Tier Ranking: 29th: DBFZ Tiers: Popularity: 39th: Special Attack Demonic Blade (Airborne OK) n/a Rating. This attack can be aimed by inputting, Repeating the input will cause a second blast to be fired. Janemba Dragon Ball FighterZ moves Overview. Does not travel behind the opponent when performed from fullscreen. The throw deals more damage, but the grab contains a little bit more startup lag. With no allies, Goku can perform seven attacks. Consumes half a Ki gauge. When you're close, it allows a Superjump IAD j.M safejump for easy continued pressure. The Spirit Bomb deals much more damage and carries the opponent much higher into the air. Dashes forward and does a downward hook. This makes frame advantage the same regardless of where you use it. Always leaves Janemba +32 on hit. He is a worthy anchor to most teams. This roundhouse kick will send foes flying away. A jumping somersault that crosses up the opponent and then does a charging knee blow. On hit, Goku appears behind the opponent and knocks them down to the ground. Janemba's stats from Dragon Ball FighterZ's official website. The Spirit Bomb deals more damage and launches the opponent slightly higher in the air. This attack can also be aimed by inputting. Aesthetically, I think Janemba is one of the best Dragon Ball series villains. Contains remarkably more startup. Consumes one Ki gauge. Lifts the opponent a small distance into the air. Goku will always fire the Super Spirit Bomb from the side of the screen, but if he's standing near a corner, he will move to the other side of the screen and fire the Super Spirit Bomb there. With one ally, Goku can perform five attacks. This attack must be blocked standing. That's at least one reason it's great to see him in Dragon Ball FighterZ. There are three levels of charge, which can be obtained the longer the. This is nothing more than a simple crouching jab. Note that this move can only be used as the first hit of the combo. Goku will reach forward into a powerful hook punch. Note that even after using all of the follow-ups, Goku can still perform a finishing attack. This is your go-to combo ender. https://dragonballfighterz.fandom.com/wiki/Goku/Move_List?oldid=9358. The amount of follow-up attacks Goku can perform depends on how many allies he has available on his side. Pauses for a moment and then charges forward to grab the opponent and throws them behind him if successful. This attack can also be inputted with. 1 Normal Attacks 2 Special Moves 3 Z-Assist 4 Super Attacks 5 Meteor Attack 6 Navigation He can repeat this to fire a volley of up to six. Consumes three Ki gauge. The grab has him move much further ahead and the throw now has Goku follow-up with a falling dropkick that bounces the opponent into the air. The beam can be aimed by holding, Raises both hands in the sky to gather energy. Janemba teleports to the ground on hit. Goku will fire off a basic energy blast. The projectile will track the opponent and cannot be Super Dashed through. Finishing an opponent off with this move will make Goku hold the opponent on the back with one hand and then throw them to the ground. I'm not a series buff, but I'm pretty sure Janemba is pretty underrated and under-utilized in the series. Fires a shockwave simultaneously from both hands that launches the opponent away. Appears in the sky and launches a massive Spirit Bomb downward. Goku displays a much more flexible style of martial arts, showing off the fantastic fight choreography of the original Dragon Ball and early parts of Dragon Ball Z. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 0 Tips. Much like 3x Kaioken Kamehameha, inputting this move after the kick from Kaioken Finisher will make Goku fire off this move, but this time he tracks the opponent's position in the air.

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