Another popular peony color is also a classic: the white peony flower. Semi-double peonies can sometimes look like double peonies, except that they have visible anthers when the flowers are in full bloom (4).

They also have a rich history and the meaning of peonies make them popular as well. [online] Available at:, (3) Heritage Garden. Peonies are native to temperate and cold areas of the Northern hemisphere which is how they’ve become iconic in the late spring to early summertime here in the United States. Therefore, another peony flower meaning is good luck and rebirth of relationships. The peony flower is best known for representing ideas and values, including: Peony is best known for its scientific name “Peoria”. When her husband realized that she and the children are not mortal, Gejin brought the children with her back to the spirit world to avoid his rage. Although most peony varieties have sturdy stems, other herbaceous types have stems that need extra support in carrying the weight of their flowers.
Some examples of single peonies are the Fairy Princess and Imperial Red peonies. [online] Available at:, (7) Peony flower may symbolize different thing depending on the cultural context, place or time. Tulips have a fresh, garden feel like peonies and are also a harbinger of spring, making them a wonderful replacement for peonies if you’re looking for spring flowers for your home décor. The Beloved Peony. They were super expensive and exclusive.

There are rare types of this color that are in more shades because it is mostly monochrome.

These mystical qualities have only added to the allure of these big, beautiful blossoms and heightened the desire to procure them. The Chinese name for peony means “beautiful” and in Chinese culture the flowers represent riches, prosperity and honor. It is used today in medicine and is used as a cure for some diseases. The staminodes are partially transformed stamens that may or may not carry a trace of pollen. They make excellent cut flowers or as border plants in gardens. In 1903, the Qing dynasty declared the peony as the national flower. Another popular Chinese peony name is 花王 (huawang) “king of the flowers”. Peonies. This color brings a lot of relaxation and peace and through it people manage to express their positive and calm character.
Fuzzy, gray spores are often indications of Botrytis blight infestation, while a wet rot is a result of Phytophthora blight.

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