On their appointed day, every 16-year-old must pick the faction they stay with for the rest of their lives, or live factionless in contempt of society. Her character is really interesting. The story feels fresh from the oven and keeps you hooked. The trilogy, along with a collection of short stories named Four, are very well liked. Divergent is really difficult to put down, because each character in the book displays strong personalities and characteristics. Divergent Book Summary Divergent follows the story of Beatrice (Tris) Prior in a new dystopian world. How does plot building and character development work, how to set hooks at right places, et al. Meanwhile, government troubles are brewing and Beatrice's world is about to turn upside-down…. After jumping onto a train, jumping off a train and then off a building, Beatrice enters the Dauntless compound, where she meets her instructor Four; he asks her for her name, but Beatrice hesitates, then says “Tris”. Tris doesn't fit in to any of the societies, she is different. The book was very intriguing from the very start to the end.

Is it the case with you guys as well, that when someone asks which genre you prefer the most, favorite books come to your mind, and not favorite genres? For Tris Prior, her decision is incredibly difficult; be who she really is and join Dauntless or stay with her family and keep her feelings under lock and key. Want to tell the world about a book you've read? Rating: 3.5/5 Author: Veronica Roth Genre: Fantasy Fiction, Post Apocalypse Pages: 487. We Have Been Silenced for Too Long – A Story, Black Lives Matter: ‘Stop The Violence’ & ‘Have we changed?’. After reading Divergent, it would be impossible not to read the next books of the series, Insurgent and then Allegient as the adventure continues. One other thing that I didn’t like much about the book is that it became too plot-oriented, and the author was just focusing on adding hooks and random situations. Secondly, it wasn’t too bulky. One thing is for sure, as you go deeper into the story, you’d want more of it. She thought she was different from others. in the end. The entire idea of dividing people into one of the five factions is rather interesting too. All rights reserved. However, she finds herself in a brutal new life where she can trust nobody. This popular book series by Veronica Roth has been reviewed by famous websites such as The Guardian, New York Post and Common-Sense Media.

All that said, I had a good time reading the book, and it has made a place in my mind for the rest of my life. Divergent was based around many different aspects, but what I liked the most about this book was that it displayed not only the relationship that Tris had with Four, but it was also based on her friendship with the other characters and her family.

Divergent is about a girl called Tris. Tue 13 Sep 2011 15.30 BST After the test they will attend the Choosing Ceremony, where they get to decide which faction they want to belong to. As I've said before, Divergent has all the components for a good dystopian novel. (Okay, also, it was one of the recommendations by the people I trust.). Apart from that, Insurgent is better on a lot of grounds. Last modified on Wed 20 Sep 2017 11.10 BST. Tweet0Share0Email0 By Sumayyah, Year 8. Did you like the Divergent book review?

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