And despite a global pandemic, the data suggests most aren't rushing back. WHY? This is all about stopping renewable research and roll-outs to keep the oil flowing and the coal making its way to Parliament House for Show and Tell by the kiddies in charge. You do realize that tobacco is not a climate forcing? The new ‘real’ temperatures were squarely located within the STD predictions. Of course the fly-in-the-face-of 7000-years-of-socio-political-environmental data is a lie ! The hottest 17 years on record were all since 2000. One must think that way. Second Option: We will provide you with our History Weather API and you could get data by Postcode/Zipcode, Lat/Lon, IP address, city name and airport code. Thanks to Lyall, a good client of mine who has an amazing memory. Correct. Have already had brief power outage in Melb. Excluding some other SA cities hotter than Adelaide (eg Port Augusta, Port Pirie, Whyalla), second on the list is Alice Springs (42C), then Melbourne (41C), then a whole bunch of cities near the equator between 31-33C. I was publicly lectured. That is the West Parklands site which is close to the site in 1939 when the previous record was set. The model was able to predict within the standard deviation temperatures up to 2007. The simulation history archive offers access to past weather simulations for every place in the world. Adelaide, Australia - Hourly past weather, almanac for Adelaide including historical temperature, wind, rain, pressure and humidity stats | I just turned my A/C on and it occurred to me all the heat being ejected outside by hundred of thousands of units across Adelaide did not occur in 1939. I can remember all the people in our street sleeping in their front yards because it was too hot to sleep inside. Could this explain why the Russian model is so much better than all the rest. I have this mental image of people standing in front of bird shredders, huffing and puffing to keep their aircon going….with a large flash on the horizon as the Big Battery fries…. Sampling rate is not the issue. Or how about companies who knew about asbestos but kept schtum? I wonder where thye measured it at? })(); Copyright © 2020 JoNova - All Rights ReservedSite by OpenwirePowered by WordPress & Atahualpa, The evidence that AGW fans need to provide, ClimateGate: Thirty Years in the Making (Edition 1.1), The 800 year lag in CO2 after temperature – graphed, Thermometer selection (mystery loss of data), Australian Elected Representatives – Emails and phones, Western Australian State Government email list, Odour reduction practices at Narrogin Beef Producers, The Wong Fielding Meeting on Global Warming — Documents, Get Laughs, Get Attention, Get Your Message Across, Forgotten history: 50 degrees everywhere, right across Australia in the 1800s, Where are the deaths? Depending upon the type of flood light and distance it could have an effect upon the 1 second overnight low as recorded by that instrument. So Both are correct. Those with vested interest (oil and coal companies) secretly funded “science” to “prove” to spread doubt about the science used. Even better if we can raise funds to put our own thermometers next to theirs to get actual raw data side by side. Thermocouples rely on the Seebeck effect which is produced when two wires of different metals are connected at both ends. Warwick equals Queensland record low of -10.6 degrees Celsius. It shows two of the three known Stevenson screens and the far better round house. Unable to sleep, people in Brewarrina walked the streets at night for hours, the thermometer recording 109F at midnight. Your comment is already on the verge of total mental decay. Here’s Sydney Can somebody with appropriate detailed knowledge confirm (or correct…) this: old style mercury thermometers indicate absolute temperature off a spot; the thermocouples sense the difference between “hot” and “cold” junctions, so where the indicator is positioned in the air-conditioned office it may show a bit more ? Like trying to compare sporting performances from different eras. How about medicine? It insists that apples only be compared to apples. In short, the experiment shows an average 1 degree higher temperature, but that was for a well maintained station. We also offer raw data for sale. I was publicly lectured. Everyone who protests something or defends a dogma essentially use similar tactics. Sorry, spelt my name wrongly so previous attempt in moderation, Is that the forecast price or the actual paid price ? The collapse of the STR has produced blocking highs in the Tasman which is bringing lovely south east winds to the Queensland coast. Sadly it does not show the all important sling thermometer in use. Meanwhile SA and Vic wholesale prices have just risen past $2,000/MWhr, with forecast peak of $14,500 later today. Surely you can do better than that? NSW's highest temp on record, 49.7 degrees Celsius, is set at Menindee. Contrast that with last week when towns in the outback reached 48 and 49C and the Bureau of Meteorology senior forecaster Michael Efron said — “They are pretty incredible temperatures.” Seriously. Here’s Melbourne On the local weather forecast last night, we were `warned’ about an impending `heat wave’ with all the `red-hot’ air from Australia crawling across the Tasman. Smart patients expect their doc (or their BOM expert) to tell them all the facts that matter. Start with a modicum of humility, respect for the other humans that inhabit this space. I just finished a book** about the Dust Bowl Years in the USA, roughly the 1930s. it was the ironic message that got me to read your work however: “A perfectly good civilisation is going to waste”, is so very clear & precise to most of honest humanity: those that can read, research & ‘skept’ lol:), Health & Happiness to you & yours in 2019 Video may be key evidence for Afghanistan inquiry, Documents Ghislaine Maxwell fought to keep secret related to financier Jeffrey Epstein released by US court, 'She just might be getting set up': Union says Australia Post problems go beyond luxury watches, Over 170 stranded Australians board flight home from London, 'Bias, hatred and rudeness': Trump unloads as he leaks 60 Minutes interview, China threatens retaliation after Trump administration approves massive arms sales to Taiwan. So some of these, perhaps many, are one or two degrees too high. I am not a climate scientist so I am not qualified to comment on or judge the various arguments presented and debated above but I would like to say that the courtesy and restraint of your arguments are noteworthy and your well reasoned arguments and refutes stand out. Gee Whiz Sliggy, No. My apology, I thought it was Global Warming now it’s Climate Change. This is not, however, the way a 2019 mind is expected to work. To get a feel for how widespread and devastating it was, read through just one report in one paper (there are scores more). These have different lags and response times to heating. Details from the Conversation Fact Check make perfect sense. So the comparison stands – even if no one here in particular is part of that paid propaganda effort. Man who set bedroom on fire after argument, leaving partner badly burnt, jailed for six years, Spain considers return to curfews to contain 'out-of-control' pandemic, Rare lime green puppy named Pistachio born in Italy, Why would Iran send pro-Trump emails if it wants Biden to win? gpfloor eats with his teeth, just like an asbestos boss. Whether you are talking worst tornado (1970), worst cyclone (1899), highest heat (1960), worst drought (1895 onward), biggest fire (1851), longest heatwave (1923-4), highest death toll from weather (1939), biggest evacuation for heat (1896), driest bushfire season in crown fire regions (1943-4) or biggest flood (1955)…if it happened then, it was just weather.

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