| He happens upon Tania [Isobel Black] and asks for her help. The additional footage shot for the televised version revolves around a family, the Stanghers, who argue about the influence of the vampiric Ravna clan but never interact with anybody else in the movie. As an added surprise, Dr Ravna says that he's sending for some petrol for their car, but it may take several days. "[7] Variety wrote, "Horror fans will dig this latest effort from the Hammer Film shop in Britain. | It is from Dr Ravna, inviting them to dine with him. Rosa Stangher [Virginia Gregg] sews robes for Dr Ravna, although neither she nor husband Otto [Horst Ebersberg?] Released in the early 60's by Hammer Studios, it's a gothic vampire movie without Peter Cushing or Christopher Lee. Ravna is bringing in a chef from Paris and an orchestra from Vienna, and Carl and Sabena offer to loan Gerald and Marianne formal clothes so they don't have to worry about their dress. Parents Guide. This set was re-released on Blu-ray on 13 September 2016. As she bends forward to bite his neck, Gerald pushes her away and makes a cross on his chest using his own blood. Gerald and Marianne return to their hotel. It's late, and Marianne is tired, but not tired enough not to hear Anna sobbing in a room down the hall. Unrated | 1h 28min | Horror | 11 September 1963 (USA) When car trouble strands a honeymooning couple in a small Southern European village, an aristocratic family in the area reaches out to help them with sinister consequences. While Theresa gets her hat, Anton burns the musicbox. Theresa's boyfriend Anton [Carl Esmond] drops by. Anton and Theresa are back together. Bruno also denies knowing Marianne, and all her clothes are gone. "[4], Sharp said "I've always believed there needs to be a separation between suspense and shock. Not even the police believe him. When he finds that his wife actually sent Theresa to Ravna's castle that afternoon to tell him that his robes were ready, Otto is really angry. Forced to stay in a semi-derelict inn where they are greeted with suspicion, they receive a surprise invitation to dine at the nearby castle with Dr. Ravna and his two grown children. The cult abducts Marianne, and contrives to make it appear that Harcourt was travelling alone and that his wife never existed. "[3], Sharp said he was worried that "as Hammer progressed, the goal seemed to be for each picture to top the one before it and they were becoming satiated with violence. While Zimmer prepares, Ravna summons Marianne, who starts walking back to the castle. Tania leads him straight to Ravna, who calls for Marianne. something and haven't had guests in a long time, attested to by the sheets over the furniture and remarks like, "Nobody ever stays here anymore." Every scene that showed blood was edited out, e.g. There are no other guests, save for Professor Zimmer [Clifford Evans], who spends much of his time drinking. After a typical night of scouring trendy bars for some action, Peter manages to take home the sexy Rachel (Jennifer Beals), who bites him on the neck while they're in bed. Gerard and Marianne go to the party and Marianne vanishes. A couple of the cuts result in scenes that no longer make sense: while the theatrical release had Harcourt smearing the blood on his chest into a cross-shaped pattern (keeping the vampires away as he escapes), the televised version omits the blood-smearing, leaving the vampires' inaction unexplained. Gerald gets a tow to the nearest hotel, where they take a room for the night. [Original Synopsis by bj_kuehl]. Gerald [Edward de Souza] and Marianne [Jennifer Daniel] Harcourt are motoring through Europe on their honeymoon when their car runs out of petrol.

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