So much of “Engram Pattersky,” is dedicated to referencing, Even Nick’s weird sink stick, which we all probably forgot about, has a major True American connection. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. A series of obscene phone calls prompts Ann to call the NYPD, who sends over a detective who seems to be getting a little too close for comfort, especially Donald's. Meanwhile, of course, millions of men across the nation fell in love with the grace, beauty and emotional agility that Thomas brought to the part. As her shift as an elf for a department store Santa Claus concludes, Ann tells Donald about her stint as a teacher in a boarding school trying to bring good tidings and joy to a boy who won't be able to go home for Christmas. All Nominee Information (printable lists), Editorial Calendar and Production Schedule, The Interviews: An Oral History of Television, An Open Letter from Latinx Showrunners, Creators, TV and Feature Writers, Rita Moreno on Latinx Representation: "We've been ignored for so long. Ann loses her hearing when a cold ruins her job on a commercial. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Pass the Potatoes, Ethel Merman When Donald's sister asks Ann to check up on a fellow actor that she is falling for, he makes a pass at Ann. Rather than ruin her parent's vacation by calling them back early, Ann decides to take over the administrative duties while she co-opts a reluctant Donald to act ... Ann befriends a king who happens to be quite young. During that scene, Ann asks her dad if he was disappointed that she wasn’t born a boy. They needed a young female star, and they thought I was it.”. ”. They also enjoyed her on-screen banter with Lew Parker. Have you ever thought about doing a show where the girl is the somebody - somebody with a dream?”, “Why not do a show about a girl like me,” Thomas continued. “I was deeply touched,” Thomas recalls, “but I was also terrified. “Television had loads of married women. Much to Ann's chagrin, the girl that the computer dating service assigns to her boyfriend, is a lot like her. That Girl. Still obsessed with Ann, Noel Prince returns to New York to try to get her to marry him. She didn’t need it to feel complete. Use the HTML below. Almost immediately after Ann and Donald see Ann's parents off on an oft postponed and much deserved vacation, they learn that Harry, Lew's maitre d' and official head at the restaurant during Lew's absence, has gone home sick. With Marlo Thomas, Ted Bessell, Lew Parker, Bernie Kopell. We were a whole different breed.”, As Bill Persky would later proudly note, “We threw a grenade into the bunker and cleared the way for Mary Richards [on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, CBS, 1970-1977], and Kate and Allie [a show with the same title that he later directed for CBS, 1984-1989) and everyone else to walk right through it.”. Thomas decided to end the series in its fifth year, during which Ann and Donald became engaged. Naturally, after Bessell’s death the That Girl sequel was cancelled, but a planned 30th Anniversary celebration of the original series in New York went on as scheduled. Huggo. Ann and Donald go to pre-marital counselling finding problems that may or may not be there. Ann talks Don into a drive to Brewster to pick up her old hi-fi system, which leads to an on-the-road picnic that goes wrong. With Marlo Thomas, Ted Bessell, Ethel Merman, Lew Parker. As such, they rehash many incidents in their five year history. In a very touching moment, Lew Marie tells Ann: “Well, let me think back. Ann's father slips at Donald's magazine and hurts himself. Ann is worried about Pete's new boyfriend George (. In fact, because of Teddy the show could have been called ‘That Couple.’  He was simply brilliant from the first moment we saw him. As part of a game show, Ann throws a party for her neighbors and gets her purse stolen. Then they let me look at you…and I knew that you were what I had been praying for.”, As Thomas recalls, “Lew couldn’t get through the scene because he kept tearing up. With Marlo Thomas, Ted Bessell, Tani Guthrie, Howard Storm. “He just had it,” Thomas says of Bessell’s charisma and talent. “We laughed, and talked about that episode, and cried together.”. To Ann's surprise, Miss Merman not only says yes, but offers to cook dinner for them. (19 Mar 1971). “This is where we’re going. The segment, which originally aired on February 9, 1967, centered on a surprise birthday party being held for Ann at her apartment. Ann has to go to court to help a producer win a lawsuit involving a shish-kebab skewer. Ann tries to impress Donald's ex-girlfriend who is now married to his old friend. Uncle Herbert drops in on Ann and Donald with a bunch of get rich quick schemes. That Girl is an American television sitcom that aired on ABC from September 8, 1966 to March 19, 1971. We were learning what we needed as we went along.”, Indeed, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, with a similar theme, debuted during That Girl’s fifth and final season; and, as Moore herself has stated in several interviews over the decades, “That Girl paved the way for my show.”. Then I asked if you had ten toes, ten fingers, two eyes and a nose. That’s what people want to hear. “He saw right away that I needed - and the show needed - a female story editor.”. All seasons are available on DVD. Ann and Donald leave the crash site and find a cabin to stay in. After inviting her parents over to a baseball game that gets rained out, Ann decides to let them and Donald stay at her place for a game of, Danny Arnold, Ruth Brooks Flippen & Milt Rosen. The series also featured a rotating A-list of semi-regular and guest players, including: Rosemary DeCamp as Helen Marie (Ann’s mother); Bernie Kopell as Jerry Bauman (Donald’s associate at Newsview, and later Ann’s next door neighbor); Broadway legend Ethel Merman (who made two special-guest appearances); All in the Family’s Carroll O’Connor (as a pre-Archie Bunker opera singer); Laugh-In regular Ruth Buzzi, as Ann’s tom-boyish best friend; stalwart Jesse White (TV’s iconic Maytag commercial repairman) as one of Ann’s many talent agents (which also included comedian George Carlin for one season); and veteran thespian Mabel Alberston, as Donald’s over-bearing mother - a role she played equally well on sister ‘60s sitcom Bewitched (ABC, 1964-1972). That’s when Thomas handed a copy of The Feminine Mystique to Scherick, encouraging him to read it. A stray dog that follow Ann home decides to bite her visiting father. Ann convinces Donald to attend her women's liberation meeting that evening before he is to go to an NHL game without her. Bessell succumbed to an aortic aneurism on October 6, 1996, just as he and Thomas were developing a TV-movie sequel to That Girl. Although the lofties and viewers alike were rightly shocked by Winston's massive, life-changing mess-around, we should have all seen it coming. TV Schedule. The sites look and perform best when using a modern browser.

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