Elizabeth Goudge needed at least a temporary escape from the horrors of World War II when she sat down to write The Little White Horse. She is aided by wonderful people and magical beasts, but it is by self-sacrifice and perseverance, too, that Maria is able to save Moonacre, right the wrongs, reunite lost loves and finally bring peace to the valley. WorldCat participating libraries report holding editions in 11 languages of translation.[3]. All Quotes But for all that, A Little White Horse also takes some, shall we say, significant liberties with fairy tale tropes. [2] It has been adapted for film and television. And then, of course, there are all of the wonderful companions Maria meets, quite like the magical helpers in classic fairy tales: the amazingly gifted, focused and very short cook Marmaduke Scarlet; the Old Parson, filled with tales of the past, who may or may not have a Mysterious Connection with Miss Heliotrope; Wrolf, who may or may not be a dog; Zachariah, a most remarkable cat (he’s able to draw and sort of write with his paws); Serena, a hare; Loveday, who was once a Moon Princess; and her son Robin, a boy about Maria’s age, who once played with her in London. Really. Also, cookies left in her room for when she needs a snack. To withdraw your consent, see Your Choices. Indeed, pretty much nobody in this story ends up marrying within their social class, although Loveday was at one point at least closer to Sir Benjamin’s social class. Rather, she chooses to give something up—and persuades Sir Benjamin to give up something as well. It is old-fashioned, romantic with lashings of fantasy. Quotes By Elizabeth Goudge. She was trying not to be frightened in her mind, and she found that that sort of waiting and thinking really keep a person quite busy.”, “Are you quite sure that you want to hear it?" She is sent to Moonacre Manor in the West side, accompanied by her governess Miss Heliotrope and dog Wiggins. Miss Heliotrope, the daughter of a not exactly wealthy village rector, falls in love with a French marquis—although when they do eventually marry, that title has been left well behind. The description of their journey there has more than a touch of the Gothic about it: the orphan, the lonely journey, the bad roads, the odd castle that rarely receives visitors, where people are initially reluctant to speak about the past, the strange servants. Wiggins was aware that excessive emotion is damaging to personal beauty, and he never indulged in it…Except, perhaps, a very little, in regard to food. Kinda. I’ll give you author Elizabeth Goudge’s masterful description: But though Wiggins’s moral character left much to be desired, it must not be thought that he was a useless member of society, for a thing of beauty is a joy for ever, and Wiggins’s beauty was of that high order than can only be described by that tremendous trumpet-sounding word ‘incomparable.’. You may think a seed was finished and done with when it falls like a dead thing into the earth; but when it puts forth leaves and flowers next spring you see your mistake.”, “In my opinion, too much attention to weather makes for instability of character.”, “...The simple little words came easily, fitting themselves to the tune that had come out of the harpsichord. The little white horse by Elizabeth Goudge is a book that I have read once every year or two since I was 10. In part this is because, as it turns out, the villains of the piece are not actually the real villains. The house, after all, is magical—or almost magical, which is just about the same thing, what with its tiny doors and astonishing food seemingly arriving from nowhere (actually from the genius hands of that kitchen artist, Marmaduke Scarlet), the way all of the animals truly magically get along, the way that Maria finds that if she just trusts Moonacre to tell her its secrets when it will, everything will work out right.

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