Before melanin takes effect, the iris usually has a bluish tint to it. My Dad Has Blue Eyes & My Mother Brown. I live there and have seen only 1 green eyed person and I think she is a Foreigner. Green eye color is often confused with hazel eye color, yet is entirely separate and distinct. When i was a baby they were blue, then they turned hazel, then only green brown. My father's side is French- English,- Cherokee my mother's is Scottish & German. Girl enjoying, Cute young girl dressed in pink top and ripped jeans, Portrait of a young pretty girl with light day makeup, A beautiful young girl in ripped jeans and a blouse with bare shoulders, Young girl sitting and looking down reading book, Young girl sitting in a life jacket for safety, The girl looking in the mirror put a black mask, Cute young girl in a red jacket stands and reads SMS, A pretty young girl in a red jacket stands near the wardrobe with a mirror, Young girl doing face makeup traces the contour of the lips, A young pretty girl in a red jacket talking on the phone, Reflection of the face of a young pretty girl, Young girl doing face makeup with brown pencil, A young girl in a pink sports suit travels, Portrait of a beautiful young girl with long white hair, Portrait of a beautiful young woman with white hair, Portrait of beautiful young blonde girl with green eyes. They all started as blond kids, but shades got darker as they got older. Portrait of the young beautiful girl with green eyes and a bright creative make-up in lilac tones. my father has amber eyes and my mother has gray/blue me and my sister both have green.. howd that happen? Haha. wow i have green says only 2% of people have green, I got grey eyes only two million people have it, I have green eyes mixed with gray and sometimes it changes. However both of my parents have blue eyes. No green eyes, pity. Shorter wavelengths (blue wavelengths) are reflected and randomly scattered by the opaque layer of the iris. Mine can go from Green to Blue to Gray or when im upset they can go really Light Green. I have dark green eyes and I have a dark grey ring at the outside. I have very unique green eyes and people often accuse me of being on drugs, when I am not. My mom has green eyes, but no one else in my entire family (including extended) has green eyes, they are all brown-eyed. Scientists used to think that eye color is a simple genetic trait. Egocentric, competitive, skeptical, curious, cautious. I took the challenge. Green is not the rarest eye color red is.My eye color is hazel. I have dark green eyes with a hint of amber and whenever I think of an evil idea (yes I am very reckless and mysterious) my eyes would go a light green and everyone will back away and say “watch out her eyes are light! I have bright red hair, freckles, pale skin and dark green eyes. I have slight signs of Viking hand. Here is an interesting theory you may have already heard about. Two pigments involved in eye color, which we'll explore further, are Melanin and Lipochrome. I am a small amount Anglo but my lineage is mostly French, Norman, and Scandinavian - primarily from Denmark in the era of the Norsemen - hence Normans. etc. The color is just the veil of the pupil, the window to the soul of us illusively beautiful beings. Longer wavelengths of light pass straight through the eye, then they are absorbed at the back of the eye. What Does Melanin Have to Do With Having Blue-Eyes? So my mom has brown eyes and my dad has green eyes. Depending if it's sunny or cloudy (and I guess this has to do with light) my eyes look green or grey. My pupils are large and no I don’t take drugs that’s just the way they are. is this because the pigment is affected by the reflected light from the retina ? But I always thought they were Hazel. Also I could and would definitely provide pictures for a study ... there’s a lot of disagreement for example about what is green vs. a hazel eye ... what is blue what is green and where that line falls. It is said witches have green eyes.....true or false? Definitely look just like both of them!! my hair is either blonde or brown, nobody can figure it out. The woman the blonde and the woman the brunette s. Nous recevons toutes les cartes de crédit importantes de France. I have blue green eyes lol they are so weird. Click to Search for a friend's name in clips! Two grandfathers had blue eyes, both grandmothers had brown. Just a teenie tiny bit of brown in the middle. my parens have green and brown eyes, my mothers side of the family is 100% norwegian as far as we know, and my father is scottish, the norwegian side of my family have green eyes, scottish- brown and blue. That is, a complex trait determined by multiple genes. Big green eyes and eyelashes closeup.

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