Please help us improve LittleThings by taking our short survey. This emotional siege I went through served to bring out an additional creative sense in me. ‘The Birds’ was one of the most successful suspense films of its time and possibly all time. "The Birds" is a horror story by the British writer Daphne du Maurier, first published in her 1952 collection The Apple Tree. This use of bright lights and bright colours make the scene seem innocent which makes the audience anticipating a bird attack or wondering why they aren’t attacking. Log in. As Mitch starts the car, he hears on the radio that there have been more attacks in towns nearby. Unusual for movies from this time, audiences definitely noticed that “The End” was missing from the final moment, giving the story a feeling of unending terror. While this may not be entirely Hitchcock’s view of how women should be treated, The Birds as a film clearly sets out to punish women. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. In conclusion, The Birds central theme revolves around Melanie’s willingness to disregard gender roles of women and through the supernatural attack of different birds punishes her for it. Instant downloads of all 1364 LitChart PDFs (including The Birds). Also another interpretation of the bird attacks is that because the birds will never stop until humans change. Lydia is a frightened old woman who walks in a certain way through Camera angles we find out about her need to be a woman in authority. Hitchcock refers to Bernard Herrmann, a composer as a music consultant. Hitchcock did boast that he rarely needed to look over a script while shooting, already knowing the lines to come by heart. It begins with Lydia walking down with very bright sunlight, as she walks towards the door the lighting begins to dim down. The attack eventually starts and an endless torrent of birds attack the house while Mitch struggles to keep them at bay. Hitchcock could have also based this on the bird attacks in San Francisco because the birds attacked without an explanation. The power of the movie is through the use of camera angles due to the absence of a music soundtrack. This made me feel Hitchcock deserved to be called the master of suspense. Hitchcock may have chosen a small town because it is seen to be more dangerous but in this setting it is more dangerous as it is isolated. She seems to be inching closer to madness after being at the center of four different bird attacks, is overcome with fear, and simply stares blankly for much of the rest of the film. The fall out of the two-minute attack further strengthens the argument that the supernatural attack of the birds was a result of Melanie’s willingness to circumvent gender roles. The director does this because he is trying to use visual techniques such as camera angles and lighting to create a horror film atmosphere which also creates a more effective suspense film. Also towards the end the lighting and colour create a dark and eerie atmosphere. We at LittleThings care about accuracy. She makes her way upstairs and gets trapped inside a bedroom with a giant group of birds that broke a hole in the ceiling to get in. These traits anger the more reserved resident of Bodega Bay, Lydia (Jessica Tandy), who is the mother of Melanie’s love interest, Mitch (Rod Taylor). Free resources to assist you with your university studies! Annie seems to be dominant and have power over Melanie because she is accepted by the community. Still, he persists in trying to win their friendship, until at last the smaller birds … This is one of many similarities between the film and the book. Robins, wrens, all the little birds from hereabouts. They escape unharmed and the local policeman, Al Malone, comes to inspect the scene but offers no satisfactory explanations or courses of action. Tension between Lydia, Melanie, and Annie will continue for the rest of the film, though it subsides in the face of the bird attacks. If I were to cut and drop back to a looser figure, her concern would be diminished as well.

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