Points of interest This state of affairs continued on for the next six years until the events of The Force Awakens. The Alliance formally reorganized itself as the New Republic, and retook the Core Worlds, including the galactic capital Coruscant.
Starkiller Base. According to First Order officer Captain Phasma, not even a Wookiee could crush the said armour. The First Order also fields its own evolution of the old AT-series of armored transports, the AT-M6, used as a heavy siege weapon. Even after these events, most in the remaining Senate were happy to see the Centrists go, feeling that the new First Order still controlled far too few sectors of the galaxy to ever pose a serious threat to galactic peace.
With a handful of survivors remaining, including General Leia Organa, the remains of the Resistance fled to Crait and then escaped from certain defeat aboard the Millennium Falcon thanks to the efforts of the Jedi Master Luke Skywalker and Rey. She was able to resist upon realizing that she was Force-sensitive. I may be wrong but earths rotation reduces gravity due to centrifugal force so if the planet is not spinning it may have higher gravity. This paves the way for a resulting Blitzkrieg of the rest of the galaxy by the First Order, using the disproportionately powerful military it has rebuilt over the past three decades. With her political standing severely weakened, and the New Republic Senate gridlocked and unwilling to recognize the First Order's military buildup, Leia Organa decides to withdraw and form her own small private army, known as the Resistance, to fight the First Order within its own borders. Poe Dameron stages a mutiny against Holdo, believing her inept and without a plan.

Publicly the New Republic continues to disavow direct association with the Resistance to maintain plausible deniability, and though the majority of the Senate does not want to intervene against the First Order, several Senators privately channel funds and resources to the Resistance. We’ll see.

This image shows Death Star II next to Starkiller Base. The reduction in effective Gravity is minimal. This causes Kylo to abandon the dark side, and reclaim his identity as Ben Solo.

During this process, the dark energy transformed to a state known as "phantom energy", and left the planet behind, tearing a hole through hyperspace along a perfectly linear path. The Resistance acquires information on Palpatine's location and embarks on a quest to find Exegol.

Holdo sacrifices herself by directing the Resistance command ship to lightspeed jump directly into Snoke's flagship, destroying much of the First Order fleet in the process. The Imperial bases and trenches from mining look just like the bases and trenches of Starkiller Base, and upon revisiting the planet you can clearly see the sections carved out of the planet make it look like Starkiller’s distinctive massive trench. We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products. But it's denser because it's being compressed by the vast amount of lighter stuff on top of it. The Last Jedi also introduces a new starfighter element to the First Order fleet, the TIE Silencer superiority fighter. [17] Its primary base of operations is Starkiller Base,[18] a mobile ice planet which converted into a superweapon capable of destroying entire star systems across the galaxy by firing through hyperspace. Someone has linked to this thread from another place on reddit: [r/starwars] [x-post /r/theydidthemath] I calculated the size and gravity of Starkiller Base, If you follow any of the above links, please respect the rules of reddit and don't vote in the other threads.

This devolves into a siege-like battle of attrition, as one by one the smaller Resistance ships run out of fuel and are destroyed by the pursuing First Order fleet. Therefore, unlike the old Galactic Empire's swarm tactics, the First Order's military has had to adapt to a more "quality over quantity" philosophy, making efficient use of what few resources it has. Many of the Centrists were former Imperials who admired the old Empire for bringing order to the galaxy, and who feared that without strong central control the New Republic would become as weak and ineffectual as the Old Republic. ( Log Out / 

Chronological and political information A month after the release of Complete Locations , Ahsoka was released.

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