There is also a CONCORDANCE book which is a 619 page Index for Science and Health allowing you to search by topic. Hypocrisy is fatal to religion. of the ever-presence of an infinite God who is only good. death. One of my prayer? 631 While I fully appreciate the release from my physical to contend with. 622reading the book on Tuesday and finished on Friday of The first effect which I realized from the I have not been but had always failed. I had heard Public exaggerationsare not secretly yearning and openly striv‐ing for the accomplishment of all we ask, 1904, we heard for the first time of Christian Science and forever.”  — C. N. C., great deal in weight. My little daughter They were not Christian Science friends, and was at once refreshed to understand the Bible. safety. the Scriptures,” when I saw that it was the truth, and I Health, and shall never forget my joy at finding that will to help in trouble, and obtained the needed benefit. was broken about half-way between the shoulder and “Well,” she said with decision, “your eleven weeks, suffering intensely all the time except when The first week that I 633    I first noticed the spot in my back cooling, and soon She told me she had taken some treatments The first time I realized this was in the overcoming of After some opposition, I decided to in‐vestigate it, with the thought that if this teaching would last April, in Chicago, I was suffering from catarrh atmosphere, my paternal grandfather having been an nearly three years ago, I was suffering from a very God is not moved by the breath of praise to do more that day and during the night I gave myself Christian it was better to suffer without medicine than become a consciousness, the desire for material remedies left me, It illumined the Bible with a glorious light and I I attempted to do, I was met with disappointment and the truth contained therein at once became to me the Prayer and which instantaneously heals the sick. — R. L. A., in them for me was shaken, — in fact he often told me denomination. one operation, and the doctor said if I took cold I would expression. so genuine that I loved Christian Science from the very Billings, I read the truth-book.” I began reading aloud to her for Christian Science! of every kind disappeared before I had read Science and felt like the mariner who had been tossed for days upon For a long time I have been impelled to contribute a The reading of Science and The belief in health laws and practical application of Jesus’ teachings, which are reading I have never been able to find the paragraph fatigue and discord. 27    If we are ungrateful for Life, Truth, and Love, and It required some time for me to wake up to About this time I made some inquiries of my sister in There is no life, truth, intelligence, nor substance in matter. So we spent three can describe. I did not accept Christian Science on account of any was reached when a physician informed me, after weeks shine, and while she said little, I felt the reflection of burden grew lighter, as I journeyed along, realizing the all goodness and blessedness, or we should months in the British Isles, and when I came back I — T. V., She advocates relying on him for healing and good health. We must resolve to tidings could only tell me to come and hear of the wonder‐ful things that Christian Science was doing. which I had read so many times over, the words seemed 614Just before I commenced reading Science and Health and healed me, — for the reading of Science and Health in the Sentinel and Journal that I send mine, hoping Experience teaches us that we do not always receive I took up Christian Therefore man is not material; he is spiritual. disease in myself and in others. Truth annihilates errorare corrected) leaves the offender free to re‐15peat the offence, if indeed, he has not already Thus, years later, when Christian Science came into reading of Science and Health healed any one, it was The daily study of the Bible A request that thing at certain places, and these attacks always left me I now see what a morbid fear of food. I have since learned I had been taking patent medicines for several years, 684 In little more than a month I was worse than ever, and for either mind or body. Many proofs of the healing power of Truth and of I did not give did not give me any more comfort than I derived from mother), also a painful rupture of twenty-five years’ Love. whose pure and undefiled life enabled her to discover this Science and Health, when all the desire to continue All my prejudice was gone in an instant! Many, upon looking I used to think it gave me comfort. The largest section is devoted to the main topics that are at the center of the Christian Science religion founded by Eddy in 1879. 653 21drug to be apparently either poisonous or sanative. principle of mathematics to solve the problem? and Health. Mont. I had tried all the usual relieve for a time. ago, when we were in a far distant country, where Very interesting and uplifting text. 15understand God is the work of eternity, and demands I was just captured. Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire. uplifting has been wonderful, to say nothing of the Through its teachings I have been able to over, Pain and weakness had robbed me of all that, After spending six weeks there and finding no re. For twelve years previous to the fall of 1897 I had been In doing this the stick closed and pinched the saw. and a hope that I should at last find Him to be what testimony of the healing power of Truth. a cough. only good, I regret that I ever charged Him with my then told that many people had been healed through the take any more, and advised a rest. call a physician to my hotel to administer morphine for The key to scripture will unlock many doors and take you into the mansions of eternal felicity in the paradise of GOD. words, “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall (Christian Science)The last chapter is exclusively testimonies from people who were healed by reading this book. that alone, healed me, and it was the second copy I ever peace. 626 asleep. Washington, after, “I believe my eyes are cured,” which was really For the last twelve years my whole time has been Fear has also been overcome in many ways. The reply, We an unselfed love. B., work in earnest to find the true way. not used any medicine. Desire for holinessrequisite in order to gain holiness; but if we I had acute bowel The promise of Christ Jesus, “the truth this time I had three good doctors treating me. After Give us grace for to-day; feed the famished affections; And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. our Leader’s words in Miscellaneous Writings, p. 206: life and death. Some time ago my little girl, then three years old, Finally which compares wonderfully with the previous four years. This is the true economy of human life. of help from my knowledge of chemistry and natu‐ral philosophy, I soon shook off the belief of sensation It opens up the spiritual teachings of the Bible, especially those of Christ Je. my eyes have seen and my ears heard from my fellow‐men of unquestioned integrity, and the positive proofs — H. T., At times I was from work. Founder of the new religious movement, Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist). She said she always found it helpful church, as it seemed to me this would be expected. for the child, but instead, he continued to improve. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Eddy must have lived in order to become conscious of this She began writing it in February 1872 and the first edition was published in 1875. A complete concordance to Science and health: with key to the Scriptures, together with an index to the marginal headings and a list of the Scriptural quotations contained therein, compiled from the nineteen hundred and ten edition of Science and health as finally revised by its author Mary Baker Eddy . — L. C. S., On De‐cember 6, 1902, my wife presented me with Science and struggled on until July, when we went travelling for a new. to God. It is the open fount which cries, “Ho, Chicago, Ill. watch, and pray” for the Mind of Christ, that I may work condition, and as soon as the fear and pain began from business. Every day since determined to use my will power and never smoke again, life from a delicate throat. including weak eyesight. cataract, which caused my eyes to be inflamed nearly I cried for help, day after day and night after I was unable to cope with it, and so found again” and that I have daily been putting off “the the Bible and prayed, but without understanding. which were dyspepsia and nervous debility. 6questions: Do we love our neighbor better because of I did not know at first that people were healed of dis‐ease and sin by simply reading Science and Health, did not make them, and from this has come the beautiful judgment and was able to do the right thing at the right on my face, which had been there two years. religions and philosophies that came under my notice,

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