I make it my goal to be positive and giving and sometimes even forgiving. It may give them courage to kick back. So I try to bring empathy and grace to the day. Interested in improving your business? If you mention "honor God" within your corporate literature (e.g., Tyson) does that assume you expect all your employees to do the same? Can Religion and Business Learn From Each Other? With marriage and church so intertwined, it might seem like we're in a unique situation, but anyone who read the news in recent months can attest that religion can be found in any market. It requires many masks and many responsibilities that aren't from the same person I am at home and in my church on Sunday, and I don't know how to navigate that transition.'". (Photo credit: Wikipedia). I think the World Trade Center for many people was a moment like that, where suddenly the ultimate concern [was] an awareness of life, and it became suddenly so monumentally important to people that they began to feel a connection to their faith as well. And the third thing that religious professionals can learn is a kind of pragmatic problem solving. What I care about, just as if I were selling clothes, batteries, burgers or chicken sandwiches, are the people I serve. I think we feel sympathetic with a level of not knowing in the religious community, but you can't be a good critic unless you understand. Thanks to Denielle Lue, Stitch to My Lue Promotions. These are the materials I bring to the table as part of my coaching sessions. Thanks to Leanne Hoagland-Smith, Advanced Systems. Although I don’t oversee a religious-based company, my faith serves as a constant reminder to focus on the things that are important to me and demonstrate servant-leadership. Churches are not managed terribly well. Greed kicks in; whereas if your religion is from an ethic of love—which sounds so squishy—in fact it can be the anchor for good business practices. There is a sense that we must improve the fundamental actions of business in a global setting at the moment. It's also a source of conscience. Nonetheless, the relationship between globalization and religion is one with new possibilities and furthering challenges. I focused on our Code of Values themes of respect, integrity, customer focus and having fun in the process as a roadmap to achieving success when I wrote my book called Live R.I.C.H. [13] On the other … Once you internalize your values and start living them as Patagonia or Buck Knives or my company, EVR1, does, there is no such thing as “work” or “retirement”, you are on a crusade, one to serve not just your customers, but all of humanity and the planet. My belief is if I am not consistent with my religious values (Lutheran), how will I have the moral courage to advise my clients when something is wrong or turn down those clients that are not a good fit for me or my solutions? You may opt-out by. The most famous work on how religion might impact on economic growth came from Max Weber (1958[1905]), who argued for the … Ready to get philosophical? Well, religion is where our values come from. We were happy someone was doing it, but we wanted to make sure that we opened our arms to everyone without an agenda other than helping couples stay happily married. We call these "tripping points." Where would religion fit in there? If you mention "honor God" within your corporate literature (e.g., Tyson) does that assume you expect … When they keep that perspective, they also start to keep their heads and get creative in the way they structure the deal. As a devout Catholic, my faith affects my daily life as a wife, mother and chairwoman and chief executive officer of The Dwyer Group, an international enterprise that acts as the parent company for seven service-based franchise companies. Honesty inside the marketplace in terms of how you're representing yourself and what you can deliver. I grew up in a stable and loving family with two working parents and saw a need for a marriage magazine while in college. That's not always the best way to approach deal making. I think of St Francis words every day, “Preach the Gospel at all times, and when necessary, use words.” We use our tagline in all our advertising, “Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!” It’s been an ongoing discussion with business friends that I’m aliening customers with that line, yet we see we are attracting clients that share our views. In organizations where this is not made explicit, personal values and vices triumph. Many think it's a good thing, others are turned off by it, while some just don't care. It needs mutual learning. Walking into a automotive or grocery store, however, you'd never know. Indeed, as the world navigates away from years of poor economic performance, freedom of religion or belief may be an unrecognized asset. You had the business community feeling [that] business is a series of actions, and the religious community thinking it's The Market. Catalytic exercises such as meditation or prayer or reading a sacred text [could] pull them out enough to keep that perspective. Thank you for sharing and all the great and insightful responses. I spend big chunks of my time making a footprint on the net just to get out there and connect with moms. This whole thing of win-win situations: if you're really hating the other person, it tends to escalate and deals break down that way. As a whole this works very well, especially if it’s a very homogeneous group, a very liberal one or a very diverse one with no dominant faction. Within my executive consulting and coaching practice, the part religion plays is specific to my core values. As a Christian, I believe it’s important to honor the principles that are written in the Bible in every business transaction and to set the best example on honesty and integrity that I can. I find that if I govern my relationship with these partners according to the principles of integrity, honesty, hard work, respect, and even love, that the relationship is stronger and can withstand economic and other challenges. But then whether they should talk directly with their theologian is an open question. It seemed obvious to us when looking at parenting publications, women's and men's lifestyle publications, and other markets that they all had their own secular representation. For me my religion has provided a strong value system and a foundation on which to make good, long term decisions. In early October the Pew Forum released a new report showing that one-in-five Americans say they do not have any religious affiliation. Thank you for Ian Aronovich, GovernmentAuctions. I realize that the customers are everyone I work with, whether an author, a book buyer, an outsourced designer, or a distribution partner. So religion in that case, in the catalytic and foundational area, can really begin to have a deep effect both on the emotions in a business deal and on the ethics. Do religion and business have anything to say to each other? They tend to be peacekeepers but not in a way that avoids conflict, whereas clergy tend to be peacekeepers in ways that repress conflict. EY & Citi On The Importance Of Resilience And Innovation, Impact 50: Investors Seeking Profit — And Pushing For Change, one-in-five Americans say they do not have any religious affiliation.

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