], View Cover Art -- go to any of these listings to locate a vast range of cover art, including non-US printings, as well as synopses, reviews, illustrations from magazine printings, and related information (example: the last, long-missing chapter of. ", Film score researcher Bill Wrobel located. He is stubborn, fearless, unsubduable, capable of great self-denial to uphold his ideals. Rex Stout's Nero Wolfe books (novels and novella/short story collections) are listed below in order of publication. ", The first novel, Fer-de-Lance, introduces Wolfe as he prepares to change his habits.

That's the best explanation of what's wrong with the film," wrote Variety (June 16, 1937). Cohen settled on 922 West 35th Street — the address printed on Archie's business card in The Silent Speaker — as Nero Wolfe's address.

They note that in one story Lupin has an affair with the queen of a Balkan principality, which may be Montenegro by another name. Wolfe also has a rule against discussing business at the table, sometimes bent but very rarely overtly broken. by Michael Bishop, Orchid Quotes from Corpus by Peter Darrell, Rex Stout on Why Nero Wolfe Likes Orchids, Click here for a PRINTER-FRIENDLY CHRONOLOGICAL LISTING OF CORPUS TITLES, join the Wolfe Pack or [1]:325, Biographer John McAleer reported that Stout enjoyed Greenstreet's portrayal. The site is updated daily with new authors and series.

They are located on the page of cover art scans for the book publication for the novel or novella collection.

Instead Edward Arnold got it," McAleer reported in Rex Stout: A Biography.

He is strong in family loyalties, has great pride, is impatient of restraint. The idea was later co-opted by William S. Baring-Gould and implied in the novels of Nicholas Meyer, but there is no evidence that Rex Stout had any such connection in mind.          Political / Social. (The 1940 story "Bitter End" suggests the contrary view that Wolfe was unable to prepare his own meals; Fritz's illness with the flu causes a household crisis and forces Wolfe to resort to canned liver pâté for his lunch.). Compared to Wolfe, Archie is the man of action, tough and street smart. Wolfe Books: Synopses, Reviews, Quote, Book Cover scans, The Episodes (Media Info, Screen Captures, etc. Nero Wolfe, Stout's Other Writings, Books about Stout & Wolfe and Loads of Reading Materials. Production of A Nero Wolfe Mystery coincided with Rex Stout's becoming a top-selling author some 30 years after his death. [1]:488 By April 1957 CBS had purchased the rights and was pitching a Nero Wolfe TV series to advertisers. Bourne, Michael, "An Informal Interview with Rex Stout"; 1998, James A. Wolfe displays an oenophile's knowledge of wine and brandy, but it is only implied that he drinks either. All recipes are prefaced with a brief excerpt from the book or story that made reference to that particular dish. The cause is unknown.

Bill Gore — freelance operative occasionally called in when Wolfe requires additional help in the field.

Writing as Archie Goodwin, Ken Darby suggests that "the actual location was on East 22nd Street in the Gramercy Park District. Retrieved 2013-07-01. In The Final Deduction, Laelia purpurata and Dendrobium chrysotoxum are sent to Dr. Vollmer and his assistant, who shelter Wolfe and Archie when they have to flee the brownstone to avoid the police. Several times during the story, Wolfe announces his intention to reduce his beer intake from six quarts a day to five. It is a very complex question and some day I’m going to take a whole chapter for it.” (, Wolfe has an aversion to physical contact, even shaking hands. Triple Zeck by Rex Stout 1974 1st edition hard cover.

Later on in the year, 1969, Rex Stout received the Silver Dagger Award for his book The Father Hunt. His father was a teacher, and he encouraged Rex to read. Shad roe is a particular favorite, prepared in a number of different ways.

", Articles with failed verification from September 2012, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2015, Articles containing Russian-language text, Fictional immigrants to the United States, Characters in American novels of the 20th century, Despite Wolfe's rule never to leave the brownstone on business, the stories find him leaving his home on several occasions. … is mentioned in seven different adventures by Archie, more than any other species.

), The exception is the second-season premiere directed by Timothy Hutton.

Further, they note that the name Lupin resembles the French word for wolf, loup.[6]. [68], Only one episode of the series is in circulation. All 14 episodes were set in contemporary New York City. The New Adventures of Nero Wolfe was the first radio series that, like the Stout stories themselves, stressed characterization over plot. In 1968, the Italian television network RAI paid Stout $80,000 for the rights to produce 12 Nero Wolfe stories. ", Wolfe appears to know his way around the kitchen; in Too Many Cooks (chapter 17), he tells Jerome Berin, "I spend quite a little time in the kitchen myself." He takes the job, on the strict agreement of specific payment if he successfully catches the killer. Fifteen men are frightened that the former Harvard classmate, is on a killing leash and plans to take them out, one-by-one. The books are published by the Mysterious Press.[49]. The chair behind Wolfe's desk is custom-built, with special springs to hold his weight; according to Archie, it is the only chair that Wolfe really enjoys sitting in. [103]:37[28] The production values were exceptional and critics responded favorably.[104]. [88] But in April, CBS announced that the new comedy series Hennesey would occupy the time slot.

$9.99. There was a new shuffle and deal, and in consequence, an hour-long, new pilot is now being photographed in Hollywood. The shooters are in the employ of crime boss Arnold Zeck, who wants Wolfe to drop a case that could lead back to him. Wolfe's meals generally include an appetizer, a main course, a salad served after the entrée (with the salad dressing mixed at tableside and used immediately), and a dessert course with coffee. Archie enjoys his food but lacks Wolfe's discerning palate, lamenting in The Final Deduction (chapter 9) that "Every spring I get so fed up with shad roe that I wish to heaven fish would figure out some other way.

If Wolfe picks up a book before he rings for beer, and he marks his place with a thin gold bookmark (a gift from a grateful client who couldn't afford it), the book is an A.

"Meet Nero Wolfe is an above average minor A picture, a solid mystery, and unfailingly entertaining," reported Scarlet Street magazine in 2002 when it revisited the film.

Previously, foils such as Dr. Watson or Arthur Hastings were employed as confidants and narrators, but none had such a fully developed personality or was such an integral part of the plot as Archie. Although it was titled "Rex Stout's Nero Wolfe", the production departed considerably from the originals. ", Wolfe states that "all music is a vestige of barbarism", Wolfe displays a pronounced, almost pathological, dislike for the company of women. This suggests that, in the Nero Wolfe universe, Sherlock Holmes is a real person, not a fictional one. "I always regretted I did not get to play Dora Chapin. Although some readers interpret this attitude as simple, That Wolfe disapproves of women is well established, but Archie claims that there are nuances: “The basic fact about a woman that seemed to irritate him was that she was a woman; the long record showed not a single exception; but from there on the documentation was cockeyed.

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Nero Wolfe Series.

[68][69], Francis X. Bushman starred in The Amazing Nero Wolfe, a 1945 radio drama series on the Mutual Broadcasting System. Free shipping. The Nero Wolfe stories take place contemporaneously with their writing and depict a changing landscape and society. In forty years Wolfe has scarcely ever shortened an orchid schedule."[1]:445. In 1956, John D. Clark theorized in an article in the Baker Street Journal that Wolfe was the offspring of an affair between Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler (a character from "A Scandal in Bohemia"). He is a romantic idealist, apt to go in for dashing effects to express his spirited nature. The fer-de-lance is one of the most dangerous and dreaded snakes on earth.

Johnny Keems — freelance operative occasionally called in by Wolfe. [91][93][94] Paramount paid $200,000 for the TV rights to eight hours of Nero Wolfe.

Hutton had a strong creative hand in the A&E series, serving as an executive producer and directing four telefilms. "We finally got this opportunity," said Michael Jaffe.

Thayer David and Tom Mason starred as Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin; Anne Baxter costarred as Mrs. Rachel Bruner. And I shall eat no meat. [97], In March 1980, Paramount was planning a weekly NBC-TV series as a starring vehicle for Welles; Leon Tokatyan (Lou Grant) was to write the pilot. ), Missing Minutes/Expanded Overseas Version, Brownstone Location Shots (A&E TV Series), That famed "Webster's Third Edition" episode, Wolfe's Reading List Index (authors & titles), Wolfe's Books & Authors with corpus reference, Orchids: An Illustrated Ref. He is extremely fastidious about his clothing and hates to wear, even in private, anything that has been soiled. We're a group of book lovers whose sole goal is to eventually list every author and book series there is in publication order and chronological order. Stander was a capable actor but, as Archie, Rex thought he had been miscast."[1]:254–255. He reacts bitterly when his sleep is interrupted or otherwise shortened by events, such as late-night interrogations at Homicide headquarters or a precinct, or a 1:45 a.m. phone call from a client who has lost her keys,[39] or driving a suspect to her home in Carmel and returning to Manhattan at 2:30 a.m.[40]. After 1938, Stout focused solely on the fiction mystery field and exclusively on the Nero Wolfe saga after 1940 through 1975, when he died aged 88.

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