Sam’s eyes glistened at a furry horse and baby Angeline clutched in her chubby hands a wooly lamb.” (PDP 12.29.07 pg. The sacrifice of those strong men shall bolster new generations. The explosion occurred in Fairmont Coal Company’s No. The Monongah coal mine disaster In West Virginia’s Marion County, an explosion in a network of mines owned by the Fairmont Coal Company in … “He explained that he must be at work, and his wife grew despondent because he insisted, he must leave her.” Stella hands George his packed dinner bucket then, “shot herself behind the right ear with her husband’s revolver…She died instantly.” (FWV 12.30.07 pg.5), Thomas Fitzgerald, general manager of the B&O Railroad company has resigned his position to take effect the first of the year. “A member of the house of delegates, whose name is suppressed for some reason, rushed into print at Charleston, through the agency of the Charleston Gazette, about the mining laws of West Virginia and makes some cracks so raw that they show ignorance, prejudice, or a lack of desire to be just to any one. An official cause of the explosion was not determined, but investigators at the time believed that an electrical spark or one of the miners' open flame lamps ignited coal dust or methane gas.[1]. This page was last edited on 12 March 2019, at 13:16. Follow historic signs about coal mining history on the rail trail to end with a beautiful and heart-rending monument. 1). 7), “Experts regard the most dangerous active mines in the gas coal region as really the safest in which to work, because knowledge of the danger has made both miners and operators very cautious. 11), “The rescuers believe they are within reach of all of the bodies that will be recovered and as air is now being forced to the most remote workings it is hoped to have the work practically completed early tomorrow.” (ODB 12.29.07 pg. During the early days of coal mining, time was of the essence to bring people out alive. The officers of the committee are some of the most prominent men in West Virginia, Governor Dawson himself being chairman, and there is no doubt but what all money sent them will be properly used. Charles Wilcox, who was following Richardson just a few feet behind, stepped to the mouth of the mine just as the escaping gas emerged. Watson, Brooks Fleming and Geo. It is probably considerable and will no doubt entail a severe loss.” (AC 12.31.07 pg. Mr. Harry H Stock, E.M. editor of “Mines and Minerals” of Scranton PA is visitor in the city. The room becomes accessible during the event quest. Indeed, there is no credence to be put in the assertion that operator, mine inspector or miner would knowingly cause such a disaster as that at Monongah.” (CDT 12.31.07 pg. In 2003, to commemorate the explosion, the Italian commune of San Giovanni in Fiore, from which many of the miners emigrated, erected a memorial with the inscription "Per non dimenticare minatori calabresi morti nel West Virginia (Usa). 3), “The work of getting bodies out of the Darr mine goes on without delay, and at dusk today a total of 218 had been recovered. 8), “Advices from Ely, Nev., state that probably ten days more will be required before the rescuers reach Brown, McDonald and Bailey, the three miners who have been imprisoned since December 1 in the Alpha shaft of the Giroux mine at Ely. The Bernal mine is about to become #5 on Bloody December’s list. By the time of the early European traders and settlers, the native population is thought to have been nil, decimated by the Beaver Wars. 1), “Happy that her children, for whom she had sacrificed everything, even the last scraps of food, had at last found friends, Mrs. Phyllis Prisco died at a Brooklyn hospital today of starvation. 1), The Fairmont Coal Company announces that it will purchase 2 bloodhounds which will be kept at Enterprise, midway between Fairmont and Clarksburg, partly in Marion County partly in Harrison County. It blew the men a distance of five hundred yards, carrying them from where they stood clear to the tipple of the mine.” (AC 12.31.07 pg. 4), on Tuesday, December 31, 1907, News Hour—Night, on Saturday, December 28, 1907 News Hour—Night, on Saturday, December 28, 1907 Morning—Afternoon, on Friday, December 27, 1907 Evening—Night, How Death Gloated! Now is the time to commemorate the greatest mine disaster in US history, which killed, 110 years ago, many more Italians than the well-know 1956 Marcinelle tragedy in Belgium. [9], Monongah was chartered in 1891 under Chapter 47 of West Virginia code, Of Cities, Towns, and Villages, Incorporation of Without Special Charter; Amending Charter Where Population Less Than Two Thousand. Then the wire was broken by another cave.” (AC 12.31.07 pg 1), “It was three days before communication was reopened by means of a six-inch water pipe.” (AC 12.31.07 pg 1), “Imagine the horror of that desperate wait. A man with a torch passing within 50 feet of one of the tubes recently ignited the gas flowing from it. Hutchinson was left on the floor and fire was set to the station. In 2004, Jack Meredith (1925–2007) recorded his recollections of growing up on Tower Hill, including the story of how he helped dig the ditches that electrically connected the three WMMN broadcast towers. Will it be typhoid fever, jaundice, or what racking disease?” (AC 12.31.07 pg 1), “These are the questions that stand out first when you consider the plight of three men entombed in the most remarkable mine disaster of a generation. Once the deposits ran dry - and they ran dry fast with the Auto-Miners exploiting them at full power - the corporation simply packed them up and prepared to move on, ignoring the plight of the now impoverished town.[1]. It is likely that the men will have been six weeks in their tomb-like prison before they can be freed.” (FWV 01.04.08 pg. The gender makeup of the town was 50.5% male and 49.5% female. Covers were laid for about twelve and elegant menu was served.” (CDT 12.28.07 pg. In 1910 Congress created the United States Bureau of Mines, with the goal of investigating and inspecting mines to reduce explosions and to limit the waste of human and natural resources. 1), “The force of the explosion was terrific. Water and food is sent down to the men through a six-foot pipe, and they have considerable room for exercise. 1), “…almost decided that Parkersburg would get it. The Monongah mining disaster of Monongah, West Virginia occurred on December 6, 1907, and has been described as "the worst mining disaster in American history". Over 400 feet of debris remains.” (AC 12.31.07 pg 1), “Food is let down to the men daily through the six inch water pipe. 4). It is feared he will lose his eyes. 1), “Workmen this afternoon removed the carcasses of 20 horses and mules.” (PDP 12.29.07 pg. But, that this ‘wise’ sage, a member of the legislature, may not be misunderstood or misquoted, the Telegram gives at some length what he has to say on the subject, as follows: “‘The work which the experts should now seek to do,’ said the legislator, ‘is not to find the cause of the explosion at Monongah, but to find and point out wherein if at all, our mining laws are defective, and if they are, as I believe, not defective, find where and why the laws are not being enforced.

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