For great beaches you need to go to either Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast. Access to Bribie beaches and Caloundra 30 mins then country 15, heaps of shops got absolutely everything, Love Caboolture, will never leave. I am an interior Designer and he is a financial advisor. Living in QLD has made me dislike people as most people don't seem to know any better. So i was hoping to get some help on where we should live. Natasha. Living in Brisbane offers residents a dense suburban feel and most residents own their homes. I teach English to foreigners and he works with video/film production, he’s also a photographer and he has experience in show business (as in producing events, concerts etc.). Thanking you sincerely . I think like anywhere the place is what you make of it. The opinions expressed within this review are those of the individual reviewer and not those of I think a lot of people do seem to say that south of the river is, generally speaking, better than north of the river, but it’s probably not as clear-cut as that. So anyway, yes, I don’t think you can go wrong with Greenslopes, I’d go for it. I would do some research first to see what Brisbane has to offer workwise, my page Getting a Job or a Sponsorship will help with that, and if it does look promising, then why not Brisbane? And if somebody is concerned of the lack of sandy beaches: I also love the bay now. Which is the best school in the Caboolture? The problem is, my Job will be based around Brisbane city and my wife’s will be in Broadbeach, Gold Coast. Of the two you mention, I would go to Kenmore all day long over and above Springfield Lakes. Bobinoz® is a trademark of Web Products Pty Ltd. So can you recommend some suburbs close to the CBD (max. As per your suggestions I was checking some apartments on rent in the Indooroopilly area. Hi Bob Regards. Visit the Caboolture historical Village, take a cruise down the Pumistone Passage or spend the day at Alma Zoo. Used to live in the big white house on the corner of Morayfield Rd and Church st. We are definately going with the MARA agent you recommend. Burn outs yes all the time, drag racing yep, fights and drugs drugs drugs everywhere. I live north of the river, but south of Brisbane, which is western suburbs. We’re thinking about Melbourne or Brisbane. which suburb does that university fall under? Interesting rant state 'that everyone and you mean everyone in Caboolture does drugs'. My choice though would probably be Kenmore, because it has a great school in Kenmore State High School and is a very family friendly and safe suburb. As your friend has said though, it’s only a first pad, it’ll give you a great opportunity to find out about the area and surrounding suburbs for a while, and then if you want to go somewhere else that you prefer and at the same time you could go for something with a pool. Once you’ve lived here a few months you’ll get a better feel for the suburbs and nothing beats walking the streets before deciding where you really want to live. Will definitely consider it. What is with all this 'socio economic' snerk. I moved to Caboolture a lwhile ago now. We’re happy to go private with schools to eliminate the catchment necessities and ideally co-ed so all 3 can be in one place. I moved to Caboolture over 2 years ago due to the location between my work on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. Carmody's pub was across the road where that god awful council building is now. We have lived in 4 different places in Cairns in the last 20 years, and can say we had lousy neighbours twice, and good neighbours twice, so I guess it's the luck of the draw. I've lived in QLD all my life, in several different towns/cities and there are ferals/bogans everywhere. Myself and my cousin are Looking at moving to Australia from Liverpool, UK in September 2019. we’re 26 and 22 and it will be on a working holiday visa. Thanks. Hi Bob, thanks for such a nice blog and reply to all comments. Well, firstly, congratulations to you both for plotting away into Australia in these difficult times. These areas break down into around 80 or more postcodes and each postcode can have 2, 3 or more places to live. It’s quite lively, it’ll have the bars and restaurants you want, without the drawbacks. I think that would be as reasonable a place to start as any, and then when you do know where you’ll be working, make a more permanent decision then. I’ll be sure to buy you a round when I move. We had moved to Cab from Sydney in early 2003, after we had bought a block of land (residential size) in a new estate, which was an extension of an existing one. Brisbane is very laid-back, easy-going and we all very much enjoy an outdoor lifestyle. ", "Great safe street for families with children", "I was hesitant about moving to the area... but am still here 2 years later....", "Been here a while and other places and this is it.". Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Basically, trees growing on mud. For ease of access into the city I would maybe choose something along the red line that goes out to Ferny Grove. Thanks a lot for your reply, how about auchenflower? If you can let me know, we can take it from there. Brisbane is exactly what I expected – it is a great city to live in! As Chris has said, and I agree with him entirely, burglaries can happen anywhere. It is easy to navigate and has its own man made “beach” at South Bank Parklands. The real estate agencies only mention the silver linings. When researching where to move to in Brisbane everything pointed to Caboolture. ive heard all the sob stories too, about drugs, drinking, murder, and assaults etc...give me a place that doesnt have something like that happen...But i do believe caboolture is a good place to live regardless. So going for ‘nothing too expensive’ would be fine, just don’t go for the cheapest. I think being black AND American could be an advantage as many people will go out of their way to make your husband feel accepted and welcome, due to the novelty of being American and black. Well, as someone who lives in Brisbane and loves it here, it kind of pains me a little to say that the answer is most definitely Melbourne. We lived in Caboolture for 5 years when we bought our first home and it was full of crime and just an ugly place to look at. Also it would be great if supermarkets are in and about. Thinking of moving to Caboolture, QLD - any advice? Probably best to look elsewhere for a nice family suburb. Possibly the most sensible choice though would be something like Greenslopes, which I have driven through and looks very nice, or further out to Eight Mile Plains which I know very little of. Water view waterway or beach and pool on site essential. I would move to Birkdale or Carindale. While we were building, we were renting for one year in a different neighbourhood. The page is here…. The closest sandy beaches to Brisbane are at Redcliffe (north) and Southport (south). Low interest rates. I get the occasional drunk coming up to me to have a chat, i nearly get run down at the crossing every time and i get dirty looks from the cleaning ladies. Salisbury would be on a direct line, but I don’t know too much about what it’s like around that way. Check out my pages See Working Holiday Visas and Backpacking in Australia. Thanks, glad to hear my site has helped you. Could you please suggest the best suburb considering I have kid who is 4 years.

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