In Houston, the coldest month is usually January when average temperatures throughout the night reach 42°F. It might be known as Sin City, but Las Vegas is also known for being one of the least humid cities in the country. Currently, 194,188 people call Salt Lake City home. The climate of Oklahoma is humid subtropical whereby drier weather dominates with colder winters and hot summers but low humidity. The average home spends just 49 days on the market.

The state.

It's a little higher than some other places on this list, but it's still relatively low compared with much of the country. Her work has been featured at numerous online outposts, primarily in the areas of travel and finer living. This state is least humid in June and most humid towards August. Georgia has a humid subtropical climate throughout the state. Here's where to look. For example, coastal regions have a Mediterranean climate.

Phoenix, while large, still has a suburban feel. The average relative humidity here is just 36.6%. Can you guess if the movie is a prequel or sequel? Arizona is not the hottest state in the USA because median temperatures are around 65.97°F, unlike those in Florida and Hawaii. When it comes to humidity levels, Las Vegas tops the list -- in a good way. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Alarm as Arctic sea ice not yet freezing at latest date on record, Jennifer says Trump 'changed everything' about her political views, Poland's top court rules out abortions for birth defects, About 10,000 fans allowed at Chinese football final: FA official, Saudi women's summit accused of 'whitewashing' record on rights. However, the Appalachians have humid continental or temperate mountain climates because of cooler temperatures. For some, beating the heat is what's most important. But Denver has some of the lowest humidity in the country with an average relative humidity of just 52%. One reason is that they have asthma triggered by moist, humid air. According to Zillow Research, the median home value in Las Vegas is $275,500. Sara Gates has been a freelance writer since 2009. Besides having low humidity, Vegas also offers attractive home prices and a competitive housing market. The winters tend to be short and mild while the summers are long and hot. Clever’s Concierge Team can help you compare local agents and negotiate better rates. The northwest areas of Arkansas also experience high temperatures in the summer and low temperatures in the winter. During the winter, temperatures at sea level can range from 84 to 88°F and 79 to 83°F during the winter. Las Vegas, NV. Among the climates that some might find beneficial to their health is one that has a relatively low humidity. The hottest month of the year is August, which is the least humid and driest.

Although July is the warmest month, June is the start of a hot and humid summer season in. Florida 3. Some parts can get hot desert, and others experience a polar climate, depending on the closeness to the coast, elevation, and latitude. The southern parts tend to have short and mild winters. Most residents say there's a strong sense of community, making it a great option for people who share those values. For many people, deciding where to buy a house involves considerations from the neighborhood and the people to proximity to good schools and the job market. Because of its vast area, different regions have different climates.

Las Vegas, Nevada. Sometimes a polar vortex tends to lower median temperatures in the winter. - Rainy days: 0 days - Humidity: 55.8 deg. The median home value in Phoenix is $242,600.

Iowa (Average humidity – 82.01%) Iowa is one of the states with the highest humidity in the world.

Patterns also appear from Palm Springs, commonly referred to as Desert City, and the south of Nevada, to the southern part of Arizona and California, where the sun is abundant but it seldom rains. Luckily, there are several places in the United States that are ranked low on the scale of humidity, but quite high when it comes to livability. 2. South Carolina is a state with a humid subtropical climate. Shop now. In July, temperatures average around 80°F.

In these areas, the weather is warmer and drier in the summer and colder and wetter in the winter.

Home values have risen by 6.2% in 2018 and are expected to rise another 2.7% in 2019. Texas has varying climate conditions throughout the state. Indiana 9. Besides the attractive housing market in Las Vegas, there's also an active nightlife scene, gorgeous hiking trails and paths, a strong job market, and good options for education.

In general, Mississippi has a climate that is characterised by mild winters and extreme heat in the summer. It goes without saying that summers are different across different states. The rates of homes with negative equity and delinquent mortgages are far below the national average, which speaks to the general affordability of Phoenix homes. The weather in your area can be a major factor in how much you enjoy living there.

The median listing price is $435,000, and the average home spends just 46 days on the market. Join Clever’s network. About 62,1662 people call Las Vegas home, according to Niche, but the larger metropolitan area contains a far larger population. After years of working in the hospitality industry, she loves to share her expertise and enthusiasm regarding travel, food and hotels through her writing. It's higher than some other areas, but for those who aren't interested in the desert and who can handle a slightly higher rate of humidity, Denver is a great option.

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