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In the New York Time’s, recently there was an article, Google Sees Rules Violations in Limits on Internet Access. After the 1001 nights she marries Shah Zaman, the kings younger brother, sometimes called Jafar; he serves King Shahryar everyday, on the kings order he beheads the brides of the king, he does this for many years until all the unmarried women in the kingdom have either been killed or run way at which point his oldest daughter offers to marry the king, a ugly monsterous demon who guards a beautiful young woman in a glass box with four locks in the middle of the sea to keep her pure only for her to sleep with 100 men while he is asleep to spite him, the women is described as cunning as she forces men to sleep with her to spite the demon. At the end, the king gives his wife a pardon and spares her life.

Although this is the case of a wife and husband, the fact remains that a father’s control over a daughter is much the same.

Google is arguing that blocking the free flow of information on the internet is against human rights and will block economic growth. ‘Black Magic’ is an oft-overlooked thriller. Each day, Shahryar married a young woman, spend the night with her, and have her beheaded in the morning. Storytelling as a way to teach lessons is prominent throughout The Thousand and One Nights and in an article in The New York Times “An Israeli Novelist Writes of Pain, Private and Public” by Ethan Bronner.

In the New York Times article “Diana’s Ring Seals Prince William’s Marriage Plans,” it mentions Miss Middleton as a “tough and savvy, and far better equipped to deal with media attention than Diana was.” She have enough knowledge and education to handle anything coming her way.

Shahryar at the time was killing the women he had married for he believed all women all evil. When Shahryar, a king in what is today Iran, or possibly India, discovered that his wife was unfaithful and had her executed.But, the king was so enraged he determined to seek vengeance on all women. As the story is told, embittered Persian King Shahryar has his wife executed after finding that she has been unfaithful. Before the smoke cleared, gunmen fired 17 bullets into Mr. Rasool’s chest and 4 into Ms. Amin’s leg and hip, General Salih said.” (NY Times article), Shahrazad, the vizier’s educated daughter, tells her father to marry her to Shahrayar so that she may have an opportunity to change his ways through storytelling.

The websites made illegal copies of movies, music and different other programs that were available to users using Internet all over the world. older of the two king brothers he is a well respected ruler who rules over parts of India and Indochina Persian Empire; his brother Shah Zaman finds his wife cheating on him with a slave so he orders her to be killed before declaring to marry a virgin every day then killing her in the morning so no woman will ever betray him again, King Shahzaman ( also known as Shah Zaman), younger of the two kings rules the land of Samarkand; he kills his wife after he found her cheating on him with a kitchen boy, he then distrusts all women and goes to stay with his brother; he then finds his brothers wife is being unfaithful as well and goes back to Samarkland where he does the same thing as his brother killing his wife every morning until he returns to his brother and falls in love with Dunyazad, older daughter of the vizier; she is witty, smart and the storyteller and narrator of the stories she tells her husband the king in order to keep him from killing her she ends each story with a cliffhanger, younger daughter of the vizier; it is she who initiates the tactic of cliffhanger storytelling to prevent her sisters execution. She had read and learned.” (B, 414) Similarly, Kate Middleton is intelligent and well educated woman. Scheherazade and the Arabian Nights have enchanted readers for centuries. His novel is about a mother named “Ora whose son has gone off to battle with the Israeli army” (NY Times).
He catches her having sex with a kitchen boy and kills them both. Name a story from “The Arabian Nights.” If you answered “Aladdin and the Magic Lamp,” as most people probably do, you’d be wrong — at least technically speaking. All the characters feel compelled — constantly, frenetically — to dissemble, lie and pretend to be what they are not. In The One Thousand and One Nights the woman are shown as using their veils to cover up their identity and provide them with freedom.

For Shahrayar and Shahraman, lamenting their ability to control their women. For the next several years, he consequently marries a virgin each day, makes love to her in the evening and has her executed the following morning. He then visits his brother’s kingdom but he still remains sad and keeps thinking about his wife’s betrayal. This is no less than a demon who has carried a young woman away on her wedding night, imprisoned her in a glass chest, locked her up with four locks, and kept her in the middle of the sea thinking that he could guard her from what God had foreordained, and you saw how she has managed to sleep with ninety-eight men, and added the two of us to make a hundred. New York Times article, “Diana’s Ring Seals Prince William’s Marriage Plans” written by Sarah Lyall is about engagement of the Prince William and Kate Middleton. This article is similar to the story, The One Thousand and One Nights because as woman are using the veils to allow themselves freedom, the internet has provided users with freedom. If his daughter will get married with the king, he has to kill her in the morning without being able to show any disobedience to the king’s order. A nameless North African magician, not a vizier named Jafar, apparently chooses him at random to retrieve the magic lamp. Users are able to access any site and are able to obtain any information they are looking for. So, Shahrazad gets married with Shahrayar and come up with a master plan to save her and stop King’s cruelty. After Shahrayar sees what is going on he decides to never trust a woman again. The internet, since it was created, always provided freedom. This story, which can somewhat be compared to Grossman’s own life, teaches the lesson about the “importance of home.” Though Shahrazad tries to teach Shahrayar different lessons, there is an overall lesson being taught.

Now Google is saying that government is attempting to control the internet by blocking what users are allowed to do. Her father job is to take those newly married wife and kill them at sunrise. A story circulated around the Web that the Obama’s trip to Asia would cost U.S. taxpayers 200 million a day that would make 2 billions for the entire trip. On the night before she was to be ‘I saw only my brother, but someone else shot Aram,’ she said.

… Then they sat down, took off their clothes, and suddenly there were ten slave-girls and ten black slaves dressed in the same clothes as the girls” (B,410). In A Thousand and One Nights, there are two kings, Shahryar and Shahzaman. She proves her bravery by accepting it. On the night of their marriage, Shahrazad, who is considered “intelligent, knowledgeable, wise, and refined” (B, 414), tells the king a tale, but does not end it. In A Thousand and One Nights, there are two kings, Shahryar and Shahzaman.The younger king, Shahzaman, is cheated by his wife. The scheme works immediately, and continues for, as the title says, one thousand and one nights, until the king's mind is finally changed and he accepts Scheherazade as his permanent wife.

During that time she gives her husband three children; she gains Shahrayar’s love and changes him from tyrant to a good king who cares about his kingdom and people leaving in there. Anderson Cooper, a host of the CNN show, had “Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, a Republican and Tea Party favorite, on his show and had asked her where exactly Republicans will cut the budget”. Shazaman says, “By God, I am king and sovereign in Samarkand, yet my wife has betrayed me and has inflicted this on me” (B, 409) Shahrayar said, “My brother Sharhzaman, look at this sorry plight. When Dunyazad comes to the king’s bedroom she asks about one thing; she wants Shahrazad to tell her the last story before she will die.

This is why he tries to influence his daughter’s decisions by different approaches.

Marrying a new bride every night, he continues to execute his bride the following morning until he meets Scheherazade, the daughter of his vizier. She is also very courageous because she wants to marry the king even though she knows her fate, an inescapable death before the dawn. With help from his backup genie of the ring, Aladdin hurries to the rescue, then compels his wife to do all the dirty work: Pretending to be infatuated with her captor, she secretly poisons his wine.

Scheherazade, sometimes spelled Scheherazadea, Shahrazad, or Shahrzād, was a Persian queen and the narrator of all but the main story in The Arabian Nights, also called One Thousand and One Nights.The popular legend centers on King Shahryar, a sultan who was disillusioned by the sexual infidelity of women because his first wife had been unfaithful to him. Her stories were so entertaining and interesting that even the King listened to her for so long. Similarly, Kate Middleton knows a story of Prince’s mother, Lady Diana “whose short life ended when she was killed after a car accident in Paris in 1997.”.

The New York Times article “Diana’s Ring Seals Prince William’s Marriage Plans” by Sarah Lyall is about Prince William who plans to get married soon. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, she was brought to her sisters bedchamber to say goodbye but she asks her sister to tell her one last story. The first seven volumes of what he called “Les Mille et Une Nuits” generated Harry Potter levels of mania, in part because of an already established vogue for fairy tales — this was, after all, the same period when Charles Perrault was bringing out “Cinderella” and “Sleeping Beauty.”. There are few similarities between Shahrazad and Kate Middleton. She asks her sister Dunyazad to come into her room ask request her to tell a story before its time for her death. After seven volumes, though, Galland ran out of material to translate and searched in vain for another copy of “Alf Layla wa-Layla.” Even now, the late-14th-century Syrian manuscript he’d originally acquired — currently housed in the Bibliothèque Nationale de France — represents the oldest known written versions of stories that may have circulated orally for centuries, many having originated in Persia or India. That way they will not be able to sleep with anyone else.

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