[2] Critics and the press were unanimous in their praise for Strauss's music. 449 (RV 449), Neuer Csárdás, for voice & orchestra (RV 503-4), Neues Leben (New Life), polka française for orchestra, Op. 67, Kaiser-Alexander-Huldigungs-Marsch, for orchestra (published in Russia as Op. 379, Kriegsabenteuer (War Adventure), schnellpolka for orchestra, Op. Strauss also wrote an opera, Ritter Pázmán,[26] and was in the middle of composing a ballet, Aschenbrödel, when he died in 1899. 41 (RV 41), Sängerslust (Singer's Joy), polka française for orchestra (with voice ad lib), Op. Art, Music, Literature, Sports and leisure, List of Strauss's stage works with date, theatre information and links, https://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/p/index.php?title=Johann_Strauss_II&oldid=1011395, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License, S gibt nur a Kaiserstadt,'s gibt nur a Wien! 312, Fest, march for orchestra, Op. 22 (RV 22), Ottinger Reiter, march for orchestra, Op. 44 (RV 44), Festival-Quadrille nach englischen Motiven, for orchestra ("on English airs," "Promenade Quadrille"), Op. After establishing his first orchestra prior to his father's death, Strauss founded many others for the various entertainment establishments, such as the Sperl ballroom as well as the Apollo, where he dedicated appropriately-titled pieces to commemorate the first performances there. 158 (RV 158), Am Donaustrand, improvisation for voice & piano, Amazonen-Polka, for orchestra, Op. 433 (RV 433), Spiralen (Spirals), waltz for orchestra, Op. 1 (RV 1), Sirenen (Sirens), waltz for orchestra, Op. Strauss Jr. thus found the early years of his career difficult, but he soon won over audiences after accepting commissions to perform away from home. [2] When his father discovered his son secretly practising on a violin one day, he gave him a severe whipping, saying that he was going to beat the music out of the boy. [27], Strauss was diagnosed with pleuropneumonia, and on 3 June 1899 he died in Vienna, at the age of 73. 179, Abschieds-Walzer (Farewell Waltz) for orchestra in F major (Posth. 41, Liebeslieder op. Read Full Biography. Mark Knowles. 440: Gross-Wien, Walzer, Op. 42, Wildfeuer (Wildfire), polka française for orchestra, Op. 169, Bijoux-Polka, polka française for orchestra, Op. [35], Alfred Hitchcock made a low-budget biographical film of Strauss in 1934 called Waltzes from Vienna. She encouraged his creative talent to flow once more in his later years, resulting in many famous compositions, such as the operettas Der Zigeunerbaron and Waldmeister, and the waltzes "Kaiser-Walzer" Op. 351 (RV 351), Bal champêtre, quadrille for orchestra, Op. 165 (RV 165), Auroraball-Polka, polka française for orchestra, Op. [15][16][17][18], Strauss married the singer Henrietta Treffz in 1862, and they remained together until her death in 1878. 229 (RV 229), Johannis-Käferln, waltz for orchestra, Op. 194 (RV 194), Berglieder (Mountain Songs), waltz for orchestra, Op. 126, Abschied von St. Petersburg, Walzer, Op. His other violin teacher, Anton Kollmann, the ballet coach of the Vienna Court Opera, also wrote excellent testimonials for him. 327, Tändelei, polka-mazurka for orchestra, Op. 305 (RV 305), Dämonen, quadrille for orchestra, Op. ), polka schnell for orchestra, Op. 217 (RV 217), Feen-Märchen (Fairy Tales), waltz for orchestra, Op. ), polka schnell for orchestra, Op. 289: Persischer Marsch (Persian March), Op. 431, Lagunen-Walzer (Lagoon Waltz), for orchestra, Op. 347 (RV 347), Une Bagatelle, polka-mazurka for orchestra, Op. 37 (1847) named after the spouse, Wilhelmina, of the dance master, Künstler-Quadrille (Artist Quadrille), Op. 336 (RV 336), Im russischen Dorfe (In a Russian Village), fantasy for large orchestra, Op. [20] Phillip Fahrbach also denied the younger Strauss the commanding position of the KK Hofballmusikdirektor when the latter first applied for the post. 307, Burschenwanderung, Polka francaise, Op. 33 (RV 33), Alexandrinen-Polka, polka française for orchestra, Op. Strauss made his debut at Dommayer's in October 1844, where he performed some of his first works, such as the waltzes "Sinngedichte", Op. 90 (RV 90), Orpheus-Quadrille, for orchestra (on themes by Offenbach), Op. 297 (RV 297), Elisen-Polka, polka française for orchestra, Op. 458, Tanzi Bäri (Dancing Bear), polka for orchestra, Op. Kriegers Liebchen, Polka-mazurka, Op. Phillip Fahrbach denied the younger Strauss the commanding position of the KK Hofballmusikdirektor when the latter first applied for the post. 266 (RV 266), Luisen-Sympathie-Klänge, waltz for orchestra, Op. 391, Gedanken auf den Alpen (Thoughts from the Alps), waltz for orchestra, Op. The first major appointment for the young composer was his award of the honorary position of "Kapellmeister of the 2nd Vienna Citizen's Regiment", which had been left vacant following Joseph Lanner's death two years before. [13], Later, in the 1870s, Strauss and his orchestra toured the United States, where he took part in the Boston Festival at the invitation of bandmaster Patrick Gilmore and was the lead conductor in a "Monster Concert" of over 1000 performers (see World's Peace Jubilee and International Musical Festival),[14] performing his "Blue Danube" waltz, amongst other pieces, to great acclaim.

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