Wait for the guard to leave. At the level’s start, quickly exit your hideout and check your map. With SWAT uniform on walk calmly forward through the door ahead. Unless you want every guard firing at you on sight, learn to sneak around effectively. That’s the security office. The minigun and gold desert eagles dual must be unlocked from special actions in two levels. Check the map and spot one of your targets in an alley on the northern edge of the map. Receive the offer: safe combination for leading woman to freedom. Walk to the center gazebo. These walk-throughs primarily emphasize a stealthier approach to each mission. Change clothes. If he’s already asleep, pick up the silenced pistol on the ground and terminate him. Move to the map’s center. Drop the grocery crate and search the kitchen for the laxative to the left of the stove. Enter the shack and change into the dock worker clothes. Both targets have been eliminated. Move the negotiator’s body out of the gazebo. The Blue Lotus negotiator moves away. If you’re having trouble with a particular mission, use the maps to track the movements of mission targets to learn where they go and when, so you can best gauge where you need to be. Go through the double doors. With a weapon in your inventory (such as the silenced silverballer used to slay the lawyer or even a meat hook), place the weapon inside the chicken plate. Catch up with the reporter before he enters the compound. Descend the staircase and open the door ahead. The door guard searches your inventory. Drag the Red Dragon negotiator’s body into the underground tunnel. Aim for headshots to better ensure one-shot kills. Hide behind the cabinet and wait for the target to enter the room. Wait for him to approach the vodka. The prostitute provides the safe combination...for a favor. Take cover and wait for the security guard to check the television signal switch. Exit and find the large warehouse northwest from the sub. Pick the door on the opposite side of the hall. At the next patrols, sneak behind the trucks on the left side. Wait for the target to use the safe and turn his back to you. With the guards in view, equip the bomb remote from your inventory. Exit brothel through back door. Open the gate and proceed through. Move into the first alcove on the left to find the contact. Exit the door and move around the left side through the door around the corner. It leads out onto the roof. Pick up the bottle of laxative on the far left side of the bar counter. Distract the SWAT members looking at the target by sneaking around them. Once all three bombs are placed, return up the ladder and back to the tram. Cross the restaurant to Hong and his bodyguard in the dining hall. When you reach the gap, select jump to balcony. Geht zu der vor euch liegenden Leiche und nehmt dieser die Schlüssel ab. The biker gangs defend your targets well. Wait for the guard to leave to the right side. You’ll be frisked but make it through safely as long as you don’t have any firearms in your inventory. Note that if you take too long with the first part of this walk-through, the limo driver may have already come and gone. You’ll spot two guards ahead. Fritz Fuchs is on the first floor. Enter the second door on the right. When the limo is just in front of the two outside guards, detonate the bomb. You could decide to shoot your way through each mission. Eventually he begins moving toward the gate into the hideout. Change into the guard clothes. Escape Beldingford. Place one bomb at each of the three points of interest. Climb out. Get off on the second floor and put on the SWAT uniform. The Red Dragon and Blue Lotus negotiators conduct their business here. PS5 & Xbox First-Party Games: What Are Sony And Microsoft's Studios Up To? Wait for the girls to leave. Proceed to the left and follow the rooms to the point of interest in the upper left corner. Turn off the lights to get past the SWAT team. Turning this off annoys a policeman inside the guard station. Proceed to the map’s southeast corner. You’re safe as long as you dumped the firearms earlier. After exiting, check the map and spot the target south of your position. Alternatively you could descend the elevator to the first floor and escape through the marked green doors. Grab the car key in the first room and run all the way to the elevator. Open and enter through the door on the right. Escape. eine Provision vom Händler, Hitman: Contracts at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies Ride the tram into the next map area. Pick up the pictures. A guard protects the top of the stairs and he won’t let weaponry through without a fight. You can enter the restaurant with them but you’ll have to be especially careful around the interior employees. Move down into the corner near the large crate and find the entrance into the underground tunnel. In disguise, enter the mess hall. Move to the power box and disable the satellite transmission. There’s a guard watching television in the underground tunnel. Pick the lock and continue through the passage. When he’s out of sight, sneak behind the Red Dragon negotiator and eliminate him with your fiber wire. Dazu müsst ihr zuerst aber ein wenig aktiv werden. Drag Hong’s body to the rear side of the dining table. Follow the catwalk around to the left. If you’re spotted near the actual waiter, you could alert the guards to your presence. Place the bombs at the three points of interest around the sub. Otherwise you can take out the limo driver first then grab the bomb and the remote. Aber (...) mehr, EA muss sich einer Sammelklage stellen. Move to the entrance and descend the ladder into the tunnel. There’s a point of interest on the map within this room. There are a couple ways of dealing with the Red Dragon negotiator here. Sneak quietly up behind the guard ahead of you. 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