This category contains articles of dragons from either the books or the franchise, whether they be species or individuals.Feel free to add relevant articles / media files into this category. Making a backstory/personality for the dragon and creating a name using that information. Bluehound Star the Artillery Wyvern by WildvanityThreadfail by ZiktaBête Traquée by LissaFishKillerOnTheRoad as Spyrogia by ImDerpySheylaYTIgnis as Spyrogia by ImDerpySheylaYTCinis as Spyrogia by ImDerpySheylaYTBête Traquée as Spyrogia by ImDerpySheylaYTReward with DehydratedCoyote by XxXPurpleHolkingXxX (no thanks, you're number one :3)Tiger Baby by AndreaEastonSandstorm by AndreaEastonDehydratedCoyote by XxXPurpleHolkingXxXHypergolic by RoaringOriginsPrimal Scream by LissaFishSome non-forum-RP birds by RoaringOrigins, Pics by meSandstormDeadWrongDragon CaveShortwing Spirit the Albino DragonHochspannungsleitung the Electric dragonVasoline the Sunstone DragonAttitoode the Misfit PygmyIronCurtain the Split DragonTwump Towers the Gilded Bloodscale DragonSpeedOfSound the Carmine WyversMagik Hemelfeeks the White Dragon. . Done by the awesome DyliehIdol1214!! (Running into squish problems again, will post link to the actual picture on their deviant art soon so Surge and Ivy's portraits can be fully appreciated). and everybody loves her, but hates Niekas’s bad and annoying snow games and always want him to get in trouble. My favourite dragons are the Skrill, the Stormcutter, the Triple Stryke and the Moldruffle. Here is some artwork done by some very talented individuals... Look at this amazing art by Reyna! Sometimes foreign languages (no, not English) like Sinaasappel, sometimes a mix of a foreign language and something about the dragon, like Witchura. Hello! - I wouldn't kill him because he looked as frightened as I was. From huge, world destroying creatures, to smaller, more docile beings, and from evil, coarsely scaled behemoths, to friendly, serpentine beasts. The leaders of each group were called the Dragon Aspects, the Great Aspects, Aspects of Azeroth, or simply the Aspects. - Hiccup HTTYD, - Thank you for nothing, you useless reptile. Likes: Drawing, writing (at times), reading, PLANES, pizza and anything that has to do with dragons .-. ), Peppermint - Male Scuttleclaw (Hatched on 1st December so he has a Snoggletog-themed name! Check them out on my adoption thread "Introducing the Grapple Fury! By the awesome Embala!!! I'm watching One Piece (finally at the current episode) and what I like the best about HTTYD are the dragons. . Just like when he was a baby. All other original content is part of and cannot be copied, sold or redistributed without permission. - Valka HTTYD 2, - Please, you... are my best friend, bud. Thanks so much Embala for drawing them!!! The later dragons, those raised by Deathwing, may have similar abilities. For example chocolate covered cherries), Favorite Music: Country, Pop, and Disney Songs, Favorite HTTYD Characters: Hiccup, Toothless, Astrid, and Tuffnut, Favorite Things To Do: read, sing, listen to music, play computer games, video games, board games, card games, watch tv/movies, and spend time with my mom and sister, Things I Collect:  Books, Dvds, Cds, stickers, stuffed animals, Star Wars stuff, and dolls (dolls I collect include Barbie, Monster High, Ever After High, Bratz, Moxie girls, Disney Princess and others), Favorite Dragon Species: Furies(Night Fury, Light Fury, and NightLights), Favorite In-Game Dragons: Woolly Howl, Windwalker,  Sand Wraith, and Deadly Nadder, Please Note: I do not have Facebook, Discord, Instagram, Twitter, or any other form of social media.

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