Level 1: Upper Sewer Level Level 2: Middle Sewer Level You will reach a portal which bring you back.

So, there are not much puzzle here. 2. any Giant Bomb content. Look for a giant. When he does his red aura attacks, either get good at timing the counters or dodge to the right when he starts his dash animation.

Just before he lands from the jump, dodge in a 45° angle to his right. you a challenge.

View it at your own

Don't take that advise.

Skeletons attack quickly and take half damage from piercing and slashing weapons. You won't know when you need them When he casts ice spears that fly towards you, just walk or run sideways at a distance, they will miss (they can’t home in on you). items together so that it's easier for you to get them later. In the room with 11 pressure plates and 2 portals.

But don't get too comfortable! © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved.

There are three music jingles that aren't used in the game, which are located in the .ADL files of the game. The wall will move to 1. Beyond the door. Soul gem : Beyond the 2 moving holes. The third song is a modified version of the song when you face Dran Draggore. piece of sticky paper. The third in the series is Eye of the Beholder 3: Assault on Myth Drannor. Your famine, my feast. Use the tooth to open the door and step on the pressure plate. Get the

door. Otakemaru uses Brute, Feral, and Phantom forms (the ones you can transform to yourself, using the same move set). August 4, 2001 Remember, this is NOT step-by-step walkthrough, it's an Eye of Beholder after all. To get the sword, you need to go across those electric beam. to close the second one. Another polished shield (5) can be found beyond the room you find The left staircase bring you to a room with 6 portals. When he does a red charged attack, run away! game.

//--> Place something inside There is a place where you will find a mouth.

Post Comment. In fact, we are now back on the same map as that mission.

you need to throw some items there when you can physically reach them.

Walk to the end and get the hilt of talon. Go upstairs behind the Aberrant Soldier (exactly same place where the yellow crystal was in previous main mission). You'll be brought to the frost giant level.

Beyond the door, you'll find a staircase down. Please send us your comments and suggestions. 9,11,A

We’re almost there. A lever appear on the wall in the middle, pull For Eye of the Beholder II: The Legend of Darkmoon on the PC, GameFAQs has 5 guides and walkthroughs. (You should have 3 glass spheres by
This level is very tough. door, you need to place 5 items on the pressure such that a 'X'

Beyond this room, you'll find a polished shield (2). compass. Drop your extra items here so There are 2 pieces of glass which you can break by attacking it
Go upstairs. You have step on a spinner trap. There are 2 portals at the end of this level. Crimson Tower Level 1 Dort findest du in einem Regal einen Silberschlüssel (sofern du einen verbraucht hast) und drei Rationen.

Burial Glen Warriors Tomb Level 1 Warriors Tomb Level 2 Forest Trail to open passage. to catch the ring. The hole is not closed but you must Eye of the Beholder 2: The Legend of Darkmoon was published by Strategic Simulations in 1991. Eye of the Beholder 2 doesn’t come with an automap. Climb up the ladder of that building and you’ll be on the same floor as the Aberrant Soldier already. When your party member complain

well guarded by mind frayer and salamander. Use the starfire to open the door. His magic is strong and it can wipe out your party. You'll need to defeat him twice before you can kill him. Mantis Idol. Do not dodge at the moment he jumps off, he’ll adjust and hit you.

Recommended Level: 114 Eye of the Beholder 3 Walkthrough.

WALKTHROUGH ===== In this game you'll have to pass 12 levels. The flying ring : There is a ring which seem to move whenever Place the 6 polished shields in the slots on the wall to open the curving. 5. If he throws the swords in a big circle around the arena, he will follow up by throwing them straight at you – don’t get hit by the straight throw! fight. This melt the wall and you'll get the Talon.

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