Sovereignty is not a central concept in Catholic social teaching compared to, say, the universal destination of goods, which puts certain and clear moral limits on assertions of sovereignty at the expense of the common good and human decency. Misstating a name is easy to do on radio under pressure, so that is no big deal, it is expected at times. World Over - 2020-08-20 - Full Episode with Raymond Arroyo, BILL McGURN, columnist for The Wall Street Journal and FR. Vance, "the great sociologist," and his book Hillbilly Elegy, and he defends Trump's trade talks with China, and says President Xi Jinping pursues "predatory capitalism" and the Catholics in China are the most saintly people in the world, and the Chinese will dominate advanced manufacturing, and he speaks so fast, and brings in so many references, that it is like watching the verbal equivalent of pinball. The American famous media persona Raymond Arroyo, age 48, reportedly has a net worth of $4million. Finally, I never stop being amazed by the ease with which Raymond gleefully criticized our American Episcopal leadership. And on Cupich, the mocking laughing about Cupich’s “new momentum” at 28:35 was very disrespectful and moving beyond criticism. MOST REV. Who is Raymond Arroyo? The only thing which can have the world focus on what's important is SAINTS! Sadly ,Vatican has shown over and over it has 1/2 truth. 2 on the supreme court. Pope, but alert the faithful that something is very hear honest discussion on Is this a repetition of the Russian scandel? EWTN | 5817 Old Leeds Rd. Murray said: "This is an extremely serious problem, Raymond, the pope does not have the power to change the teaching of the church … that the death penalty is moral in some cases." Not just people on Raymond’s show. His autobiography of EWTN's owner, Mother Angelica, was a New York Times Best-sold, as were each of his supporting books. World Over - 2020-09-24 - Carter Snead and Gayle Trotter with Raymond Arroyo. I am catholic and I think our pope is too political and his is very sad. He fits well with the Alt-right truth challenged conspiracy theorists of Fox so called news channel. Thankyou for showing the truth no matter how ugly it gets. It is a shameful thing to let that go without action of excommunication yet criticize catholics standing up for our true teaching. On other issue, priest are forbidden to engage in local, or federal partisan politics – why in the world would EWTN be exempt from this Catholic succession. Mr Arroyo’s editorial comments on 9/5/19 were superb; articulate, civil, insightful, and most important, valid. World Over - 2020-08-13 - Dr. Walid Phares with Raymond Arroyo. Be assured that God is with America World Over - 2020-08-20 - Kari Beckman with Raymond Arroyo. My guess is that Arroyo’s popularity will soar as a result. So now we are just a social action church? I do radio a lot and make little mistakes too. I enjoy much of EWTN, and Raymond Arroyo, and of course Robert Royal, and Father Gerald Murray. AYAAN HIRSI ALI, research fellow at The Hudson Institute discusses the dangers of the cancel culture and identity politics. LOU HOLTZ, legendary former head coach of the University of Notre Dame discusses his controversial comments at the RNC regarding Catholic politicians. Only in Bannon's crimped moral vision does opposition to right-wing populism make one necessarily a supporter of globalism, if by globalist you mean a commitment to neoliberal economics. When would he probe more deeply, get past the fast-paced slogans? Those kind of comments never see the light of day. MIKE PENCE, Vice-President of the United States discusses this week's Senate confirmation hearings for Amy Coney Barrett, religious freedom, the 2020 presidential campaign and much more in an exclusive interview. We need to test the They are obviously hiding, covering up, and twisting truth. Every brick, every prayer book, every camera. He is her most true disciple, biographer of her plife, with her from the beginning. But be happy I allow Gerry post and didn’t delete it right off. RC: You are correct I won’t approve your long-winded and vitriolic screed. | Irondale, AL 35210 |. “Without This seems to me to be a progressive attempt to make the Church fluid in its teachings, to evolve with the culture, accommodate those who refuse to repent and believe the Gospel, and to change the fundamental doctrine and morals of the Church through altered pastoral practice. STEVE RAY HERE: Well, I agree with most of what you wrote but I suspect you get your info on Trump from the Lame Street Secular Media. Harri Leigh is an American Award-winning journalist who is currently working as a reporter for FOX43 Harrisburg. In his Laudatory Si, he said abortion is a personal matter not a religious matter, that is not what my Bible says. If Mother Angelica were alive she would be praying about these matters to affect a favorable outcome. Notice how quickly the virus stopped after the collapse of the temporary hospitals and protestors have disappeared.Could escapees be the unknowing spreaders of the virus as teay escaped to other parts of the world? Raymond has worked for The New York Observer, the Associated Press, and the political columnist team of Evans and Novak. ROBERT ROYAL, editor-in-chief of and FR. Thanks for the facts! Note to Murray: When you invoke Nazi analogies, you have almost always lost your argument. Peace. Home; World Over - 2020-10-08 - Full Episode with Raymond Arroyo Defenders of the Catholic Faith | Hosted by Stephen K. Ray. This is not a news program anymore but simply a propaganda arm of the anti-Francis, pro-Trump Catholic brigade. But I feel some of the criticism does degrade into attacks on Spadaro’s and Cupich integrity. PAOLO CAROZZA, professor of law at Notre Dame and colleague of Amy Coney Barrett reacts to Ms. Barett's Senate confirmation hearings held this week in Washington, DC.

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