Alice, Bertha, Mildred, etc. Looks like the name reveal didn't exactly go as planned! Then I’m like ‍♀️. But since this is an opinion blog I would say I’ve heard this name a lot lately so it’s an old fashioned name making a comeback. I am so very happy for them!!!!! Thanks for leaving your comments! Congratulations!! Do they ever think about how the name sounds with their names, their last name or does it fit how the sweet baby looks? Positivity is always a blessing and increases celebration. I found that Jim Bob's father James Lee Duggar had a sister named Evelyn. Congrats to them! They just have to move Gideon up a little. To me Evelyn is on the same par as Gertrude, Herminie, Helen. Beautiful baby girl and beautiful name. My name is Eva too! She's just precious. Also, why is that man called “Pussy Slayer”? Evelyn Mae Forsyth. It is always amazing to me what people come up with for first and middle names. Cannot wait to see more and more pics! It’s her baby and she can name it what she wants. But here a couple of things to think about. Garrett? I think the name "Evelyn" is gaining in popularity. That's pretty rude... Why does a name have to be trendy? She is my rainbow baby. Eva does appear in the Bible.All the best to them. I love the name. Evelyn and her twin sister Esther were the oldest of 15 children. I wonder if they pronounce it “Eevy” or “Evvy”? Grace? Very predictable. 1 day 23 hours left. Love it and congratulations to joy and austin on A beautiful little girl and just love the name and maybe a little bias as my own daughter is named Evelyn too. The name has increased in popularity in the last year. Great choice :). I know a lot of babies that favor one set of genes until they fill out and suddenly they look very different. Yes, I can't figure out if they chose the name on purpose maybe as a show of support for the sister? vote. Eve's Hebrew name is חַוָּה or Chawwah, meaning "life", so Eva is closer to the original than the English translation of Eve. A beautiful name for a beautiful baby girl. Sometimes I like to imagine Josiah and Lauren hang out with Joy and Austin and decide to get crazy and go online and see what the snarkers are saying about them. 2. It's their choice; if they like the name that's all that matters. Beautiful name, beautiful baby girl. I love that name. So now with Joy's baby Evelyn Mae there are 4 Evelyn's in the family. By the time we see this event on the show, this little girl will be walking, talking and toilet trained. And what's wrong with the other grandchild names? That baby is all Austin to me. Evelyn is a beautiful name, what are you complaining about?? Sure is. She looks like an Evy, Evelyn is my middle name so of course I love it ! I wish them well; glad that Joy had proper medical care and that she delivered in a hospital, hopefully from the beginning with no emergency trips there. Evelyn Forsyth sounds lovely and is a solid, real name. More posts from the DuggarsSnark community. It's a personal choice and better than some of the "trendy" names I've seen lately. She's got Austin's nose but everything else is, unfortunately, all Boob. Congratulations to Joy, Austin and Gideon. Or maybe they forgot and used the name anyway? Lovely name for a lovely baby.Congratulations again to theForsyth family. I'm 53 with an aunt named Evelyn. I love U Joy, and I am very happy for U!!!!!!!!! It's odd that her family doesn't show up in any of their pictures or celebrations. :). I often wonder how weird I would feel if someone coined that term for my husband. Evelyn and her twin sister Esther were the oldest of 15 children. I see no Jim Bob in any of the grandkids. Trendy names just make it easier for people to know what decade pieces were born in. Click here to read Forsyth Independent Press, PO Box 106 | Forsyth, MT 59327 | (406) 346-2149. There is no way I can see beyond that forsyth shnozz, Bless her heart, that baby is all nose right now. When it's your child, you can pick their name. I'm so interested. Why does them having similar names matter? In my circle of friends and family,this is the third baby named "Evelyn". Evelyn worked at a variety of jobs during the years the girls were in School. Time 11:31PM Thurs 8/27/20Aww cute name she looks like mommy & daddy. My daughter is Avalyn Grace. She looks like a Evy. Like in 2 years there will be probably 10 more Duggar grandkids, and in a long run they won't be able to avoid duplicate names. @12:37 Evelyn Forsyth sounds like a character from a Dickens book. I think what poster 12:55 was pointing out is how creative Michelle & JB we’re in naming 19 children with a J and with the abundance of elegant names; Austin & Jot decided on Evelyn. My mothers name was Evelyn Faye and I miss her dearly. Jerry worked as a meat cutter in Dickinson, ND and Miles City, MT before settling in Forsyth to raise their children, Wanda Rae, Deborah Kay, Brenda Lee, Marsha Ann and Sandra Dee. Not elegant really at all. Congratulations!! It would be cool if it was done to honor her. All the best. Since 1910 Evelyn has been the 51st most popular girls name, representing 0.3651% of girl births in the U.S.3. Origin of EvelynEvelyn is a variation of the biblical name Eva, but as well as a form of Avelina. However, I’m not crazy about the name; a bit old fashioned for me. What a beautiful baby with a beautiful name. I don't think it's elegant at all. @3:01,as Eva is in the Bible they probably wanted to use another variant as the night not have liked Eva,just like Maryella is a variant of Mary. Joy said she wanted an elegant name. End of story. I think she looks just like Joy. those names don’t automatically signal the era someone was born. Here's hoping, that Josiah, enjoyed his 24th Birthday!!!! A beautiful name for a beautiful little girl! I like the names Anna (I'm sure Josh probably had some input as well), chose but they are two separate individuals with their own styles and preferences. How cool is that? You must be logged in to vote. He destroys pussy. They will meet at family gatherings only. Evelyn Mae Forsyth. They also bowled and were a striking couple on the dance floor. Bella? It is so close to Jesse's Ivy too. See an album of their daughter's sweetest photos, here. Evelyn Mae Forsyth is the second of Austin and Joy Forsyth's two children. Xox. Visitation will be on Friday September 11, 2020 from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm at Stevenson and Sons Funeral Home in Forsyth. Aww is she named after Michelle's sister Evelyn, Joy's aunt? She is a cute baby ☺. We had a hard time deciding…” • See 211 photos and videos on their profile. She's absolutely adorable! Evelyn Mae Dinius was born to Mae McAdoo and Tabius Gilje in Dunn County, North Dakota on April 9, 1934. Joy (Duggar) Forsyth shared a photo on Instagram: “ Evelyn Mae Forsyth • I wanted her name to be perfect and elegant! Blessings to all! The Dinius home was always open for the friends of the girls. I wish negative opinions would be kept private.Anonymous 12:51. Evy will be just as pretty. Evelyn still holds State record high series in her division for bowling. That's the name of Michelle's sister, the "hate the sin, love the sinner" one. The name was a real surprise. Evelyn Mae Forsyth • I wanted her name to be perfect and elegant! BTW, I love the name Evelyn! But I think Evy is too close to Ivy. Why does that matter? My grandma, who passed away in 2013, also had the beautiful name of Evelyn Mae!!! Johannah has an "h" in the middle, so it's an obvious "Hannie" for short. I wonder how they will pronounce Evy. So because they were home schooled and because they have a certain faith, they have no knowledge of trends or cute names? Evelyn dedicated her life to her family and anyone who needed a hand. Austin the Pussy Slayer. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 1 comment. Michelle's father Garret G. Ruark also has a sister named Evelyn. After graduation, Evelyn married Jerome Dinius. I reserve my judgement on Evy’s resemblance until she is a toddler. I love that name!! Adorable photo!!!! Evelyn is a beautiful baby!! I hope this is it as far as number of kids for Joy. I love the name they chose but I also love that people like to celebrate with the couple guessing names or suggesting names. Rim Job. Like, next year some of the Duggar boys will probably get married and have honeymoon kids. As suggested, the internet votes on whether a freshly newborn child on a reality TV show, looks like her father or, unfortunately like her grifting grandfather.

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