© 1999 - 2020 MovieFreak.com. As Ben disengages, Dorff’s disarming, laid-back presence draws attention to the character’s ambiguity — he is both a father understandably disturbed by grief and a husband failing to support his wife. There's one moment, after an early call with Ashley, when he starts laughing, in fear that he's going crazy and disbelief at the absurdity of the situation. Put my girlfriend to sleep and is nothing original, Perhaps you didn't understand what really happened, One of the best mistery movie I ever watched, Nice production of a variation on The Butterfly Effect theme comes along short. Father apparently loses child and has recurring dreams about the last day although why or how the child died is not mentioned or shown. by Sara Michelle Fetters - October 26th, 2018 - Movie Reviews. Any father would have the opportunity to change places for his daughter's life wouldn't hesitate. While "Frequency" also had plot-driven elements—the son wants to go back and undo his dad's death—its main focus was the relationship. Don't Go (also titled Don't Let Go) is a 2018 psychological thriller from Irish writer/director David Gleeson, starring Stephen Dorff and Melissa George. ENJOY! That's because Spontaneous is honest. Ashley's neighborhood feels like (and is) a very real place. I agree with everything already written really. Ben was a realistic recurrent dream and believes he can bring his daughter back if he holds on to her. I wish I had spent the time watching something else. This is all really fun, calling to mind "Frequency" (which I saw solely on the basis of Roger Ebert's review), where a son (Jim Caviezel) is able to talk to his dead father (Dennis Quaid) over an old ham radio. The best scenes are when Jack and Ashley confirm the time-travel-glitch by sending "messages" to each other, and then figure out innovative ways to communicate. There's a twist, but yet I fail to see the connection between both parts of the story, in a sense the point of the movie. It's really interesting, I thought it would just be a movie about a couple grieving and the father not accepting his daughter's death, thus imagining a way for her to connect with her. User Ratings I love Ireland so I loved the scenery and the accent, but the story was very predictable and not worth telling. A determination which pays off as the pieces of the puzzle slot into place, giving Ben everything he ever wanted, but at a terrible price. Don’t Go is a strange mind trip of a psychological thriller, director David Gleeson and co-writer Ronan Blaney conjuring up a decent premise that had me initially questioning what was going on. We don't even know if he has a future. Just this fact alone makes this a MUST WATCH for me. . When Ashley takes off on her bike through those back alleys behind the houses, you can tell she knows every twist and turn like the back of her hand. "[10], "Don't Go - Discover the best in independent, foreign, documentaries, and genre cinema from IFC Films. Such an antidote to today's sex, violence, bad language and CGI. The cast wasn't bad so no actor has to be blamed for the lower score. Maybe Ashley can be saved. And as his grasp on reality begins to slip – as those around him begin to question his sanity – Ben becomes more determined than ever to solve this mystery and finally bring Molly home. FAQ I just threw this movie on for some background noise and it blew me away. Leaping back and forth between Jack's timeline and Ashley's leads to some confusing moments, and details which should have been hammered home early in order to get the payoff (why was Ashley's backpack wet, and who is this "Georgie" person again?) Ben is plagued by a series of strange dreams of he and his family spending a day at the beach building a sand castle before a coming storm wrecks things, the well-known, if oddly spelled, idiom, “seas the day,” popping up everywhere he looks as well. are lost in the over-complicated shuffle. We have a father who is guilt stricken because he feels responsible for his daughter's death when she falls down some stairs. Let's turn this thread into "What Iranian movie should I watch" Q&A. This is the kind of twisted movie that will haunt your uncouncious nerve synapsis in your sleeping dreams. "[8] The Los Angeles Times found the film "dry and dour" saying "This picture needs less moping and more spooking. This change removing himself from the family's life allows his daughter to have a different future from that point forward. So, Luce Movie Controversy Unpacked and Explained, is my attempt to fix this mess. It sucks. Cast : Storm Reid, David Oyelowo, Byron Mann, Genre : Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller, “Spontaneous is a lot. Highlights from Ebert Symposium on Future of Movie Industry, Ebert Symposium 2020: Part 2 Streaming Today, October 22nd, 2020, Everlasting Arms: The Sustained Power of The Night of the Hunter. Mystery movies are my favorite genre so I'm always excited when it's one of those stories with twists and turns but in this case it just fell short. The investigation suggests a murder-suicide, but Jack, overcome by grief, is sure it is something more. Funny, sad, everything in between. This post discusses Avengers: Endgame in depth, and spoilers abound. I loved one of the final scenes where the camera pans through the mothers flowing blonde hair to the seascape she is pondering. Sara Michelle Fetters: Editor-in-Chief / Senior Film Critic Oyelowo ("Interstellar," "Selma," "Queen of Katwe," PBS' "Les Miserables") almost single-handedly grounds the film in a sense of necessary reality. Jack is not so sure. Could it be a childish misspelling of 'Seize the day'? ", "Review: Dreary mystery 'Don't Go' sticks to the beaten path", "Stephen Dorff's Dump Truck of a New Movie Is Aptly Titled 'Don't Go, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Don%27t_Go_(2018_film)&oldid=975578769, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 29 August 2020, at 08:41. - IFC Films", "Stephen Dorff, Melissa George Headline David Gleeson's New Film 'Don't Let Go, "#IrishFilm: Principal photography wraps on David Gleeson's Don't Let Go", "David Gleeson's 'Don't Go' Acquired By IFC Films, Will Hit Theaters In October", "EXCLUSIVE: Trailer & Artwork Released for David Gleeson's Supernatural Thriller 'Don't Go', in Irish Cinemas April 12th - The Irish Film & Television Network", "Don't Go - David Gleeson on his new psychological thriller", "Review: In 'Don't Go,' Will a Dad's Dreams Change Reality? Was not expecting that at all. As an actor, Stephen Dorff possesses an elusive, languorous quality that can make even a run-of-the-mill popcorn flick light up with mystery. But one thing falls short, and another goes a little too far. I'm the same as natcalgary. Well worth watching for being interesting , Stephen's outstanding performance as a tortured soul and for being so beautifully directed and expertly shot. "Don't Let Go," with its race-against-time crunch, ignores these deeper emotional issues, and is instead pulled into a standard dirty-cop drug-bust shady-characters-in-warehouses plot. But the gimmick that propels the action undercuts the characters. I am not sure what to make of this film, perhaps I needed to suspend belief and believe in the characters more. I will be back with a review after I have seen the movie. This one is nicely done, with a really great supporting cast, nice cinematography and direction, good editing, etc. As an actor, Stephen Dorff possesses an elusive, languorous quality that can make even a run-of-the-mill popcorn flick light up with mystery. It’s obvious Dorff is going above and beyond in order to make Ben hopefully more than what he appears to be, and there is something to be said about just how fully the actor submerges himself into the material in hopes his efforts will resonate with the audience. External Reviews What falls short is the plot. I normally dont write reviews but this ish right here is awesome. To the horror of his wife, who was just finding her footing after their loss, Ben becomes convinced that by changing his dreams, he might also change his daughter’s fate. We are dedicated to creating a distinguished user experience and a website rich in content with solid execution. Carrie, our casual movie-goer, reminds us all that cinema is in fact supposed to be fun and entertaining and that sometimes, just sometimes, happy endings are good. Storm Reid ("Wrinkle in Time") is an indomitable figure, wildly pedaling her bike through her neighborhood, but it's her vulnerability that makes the performance, her bravery but also her devastation and fear. Soundtrack by the trance legend Ferry Corsten! I got the gist of the story and surprisingly these parents stay together but I didn't see enough the first time to spoil the end. It's a site about discovering good movies... one bad movie at a time. Metacritic Reviews. Happy Happy ending 'The Lie' Ending Explained: Joey King’s Thriller Comes With A Tragic Plot Twist Baharat decides that the child is the new message—or maybe Goreng … Haunted by the words 'Seas the day' which he sees everywhere and a recurring memory of a summer's day on the nearby beach when the family built sand castles topped with little red flags, Ben begins to realize that there are forces at work far beyond his understanding. | A father struggling with the death of his young daughter begins to believe he can change the past by a memory that becomes a reoccurring dream.

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