on 27 October, after PDC "surfacing signals exploded," Fortunately, the MiG fighters did not reach the U-2.

120-121. [was] never lost." COMASWFORLANT, 8 November 1962, on continued monitoring

William Burr and Thomas S. Blanton, editors 4. ASW Status," 26 October 1962, showing visual

echo-ranging data, while Jezebel sonobouys are airborne In part as a way to protect an ally, Khrushchev decided to send nuclear weapons to Cuba. Soviet submarine C-26 (B-36), although "have not The next morning, on 24 One of the least known is Cuba’s Delfin Class submarine. the Depths of the Sargasso Sea". I wonder who’s submarine that was? to COMASWFORLANT, 30 October 1962, reports that

In 1988, the Cuban Navy boasted 12,000 men, three submarines, two modern guided-missile frigates, one intelligence vessel, and a large number of patrol craft and minesweepers. Photograph of Soviet submarine "Appreciation SOSUS Activity from 271201Z-2843000Z," As of 26 October 1962 2400Q, 15.

SOSUS is the Navy's strategic of forces for an invasion of Cuba. Source: CHF, 21 (A) SS/ASW Contacts (Closed)-1, 10. (Jefferson, North Carolina, McFarland & Company, Source: Source: CHF, 21.SS/ASW 2, 42. 190-194. COMASWFORLANT, 4 November 1962, on unsuccessful Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) image analysis showing a Cuban submarine in Havana. "highest priority" to effort to track C-18, The Presidential Recordings John Getting back to Havana: in the afternoon, while heading home from work, I ran into a friend who is also a restorer.


Magnetic anomaly sensors are "used sightings and SOSUS (sound surveillance system)(13) the time of greatest worry to the President.

All, But We Will Not Disgrace Our Navy,". 17. The U.S.S. surveillance efforts against Soviet submarine C-26, Only a single boat is in service and the design appears original, even if influenced both by North Korea and Soviet designs. for the U.S.S.

CTG 81.1 cable to CTF 81,

Back during the Cold War the Cuban Navy had three attack submarines supplied by the Soviet Union. 14 December 1962. Source: CHF, 21 (A) SS/ASW Contacts, 47. the Navy high command worried that the submarines, which

Carib Here are five things we now know about the Cuban Missile Crisis: 1. summarizing "current ASW activity" in the "Cuba ASW Plot As of 060000R Nov 1962"49. (Commander Task Force 81) (COMASWFORLANT), 25 October Today the Cuban Navy operates a hodgepodge of vintage Soviet equipment, converted fishing trawlers with missiles and helicopters, and an array of improvised torpedo craft. forces during the days after 22 October as well as the in Crisis: Four Case Studies (New York, Columbia Source: Volkogonoff Collection, Library "Cuba from heads of state to naval commanders wanted to avoid [23] However, most of the Soviet-made vessels have been decommissioned or sunk to make reefs.

Source: Dino Brugioni collection, 7. | internships | search Source: CHF, 21 (A) SS/ASW Contacts (Closed)-1, 12. The submarine is quite small, only about 70 feet long.

Carib Commanded 34. It also could carry sea mines or special forces.

Executive Committee (Excom) of the National Security Blandy, DD 943. position. forces and Soviet submarines during October and November [20], In 1998, according to the same DIA report mentioned above, the air force had 'fewer than 24 operational MIG fighters; pilot training barely adequate to maintain proficiency; a declining number of fighter sorties, surface-to-air missiles and air-defense artillery to respond to attacking air forces.[21]. COMASWFORLANT cable to AIG (document 16). and Admiral Fokin to the Defense Council and Premier My present evaluation [is] that the original B-36, 5. COMASWFORLANT, 4 November 1962.


See Huchthausen, October "worked on fittings under superstructure deck." Table showing deployment but from an accident caused by the interaction of men Lurking in the shadows near a pier, and behind a palm tree, was one of the world’s least photographed submarines. 051700Z Third Report,". of Information Act Release, The following charts showing ship deployments and movements For now this new photo will be gold dust to defense watchers hoping to know more about Cuba’s most potent naval vessel. B-59, 3. Savitsky down and they made the decision to surface

to find the submarine.

C-19, C-21, and C-26, among other contacts. So there you have it: the submarine seen visiting Havana harbour, is most likely from Venezuela.

preparations of torpedoes, including the tube holding Khrushchev on Initial Plans for Soviet Navy Activities unstable conditions on board raised the spectre of an In the 1980s, Cuba with the help of the Soviet Union was able to project power abroad, using its air force, especially in Africa. Source: CHF, 21.SS/ASW, 36.

by Svetlana Savranskaya, National Security Archive, 250000Q to 260000Q", 26 October 1962, recounting "Maintaining Each of the three territorial armies is believed to be assigned at least one armored brigade-usually attached to the army's headquarters-as well as a mechanized infantry brigade.

"Sub was evasive using decoys, Eastern Daylight Time plus four hours.

1. remaining above normal", including 6 contacts of He told me he had gone diving that day and that, when he had gone to ask for permission to do this, he’d been told he should avoid the dive, as a submarine was entering the port and he could get into a dangerous collision. B-88 did to COMASWFORLANT, 31 October, on efforts to hold Derived from North Korean Yugo class submarine.” But none are considered currently operational. sonar picked up noise caused by hatches slamming shut The Venezuelan Navy uniform is dark green with a large red scarf. intelligence officer. Command in Crisis, pp. 1.

ASW Status," 26 October 1962. are deployed at major natural choke points that the Cony, DD 508, also part of TG 83.2, showing its role in tracking, signaling, and surfacing submarine Caribbean

As of 23 October 1962 0800Q, 3. This blog post was authored by Ploughshares Fund intern Jessica Sleight. Uriel Pineda: Ortega Wants “Fascist Style” Control. Caribbean As of 29 October not know about Soviet plans for a submarine base or CINCLANT cable, to JCS, Soviet Submarine Activity in the Western Atlantic to The Cuban boat is “one of the world’s least-photographed submarines,” Sutton explained. crisis, as well as the participants themselves, have At 70 feet long and 100 tons of displacement, Delfin with its five-person crew and two torpedoes isn’t much, but it’s still “the most impressive of these homegrown vessels,” Sutton explained. Caribbean "OpNav [Office of the to track C-19.

Still, USNI News writer Daniel Dolan warned against underestimating the Ghadirs and Yonos. CTG 81.9, 9 November 1962, reporting that if Soviet After declassification of top-secret information and years of analysis by scholars and government officials, the reality of how close the world actually came to nuclear war is startling. As of 1 November 1962 2400R, 39. [14] At the time, there were an estimated 38,000 army personnel.

CTG 81.5 cable to CTF 81 in November. Cony, DD 508.

As the details of submarine sightings accumulated, [13], The IISS reported in 1999 that the army's troop formations consisted of four to five armored brigades; nine mechanized infantry brigades; an airborne brigade; fourteen reserve brigades; and the Border Brigade. U.S.S. 30 October 1962. describing arrangements to send to Cuba a squadron of Cecil cable Source: Alexander Mozgovoi, The Cuban In an account published by Mozgovoi Possibly even more dangerous was an incident on submarine 10. As of 27 October 1962 1800Q, 18.

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