i hopw and wish that the season will be made and will answer all the questions roaming, floating and wracking my brain…. It’s almost like watching the Gantz ending a second time. I’m sure that whatever is done for season 3, it’ll be interesting and entirely surprising, if the transition from season 1 to season 2 is any measure…, Of course, if I dislike season 3, I’ll edit my personal canon so that only seasons 1 and 2 exist. Firstly, it is 20-fricken-13. If it realy was ciel that sebastion had to serve forever I’d be ok with it because ciel is do nice but that demon is arrogant and annoying and I don’t like him once again poor sebby this broke my heart. Plus it has been three years since everyone said there should be a season three and there isn’t. Staffel der Serie Black Butler. Ho, and I forgot, Red/Pink eyes DON’T suit you. I can understand them in love like a brother kind of way, but I don’t think a lot of fans of Black Butler will want to see them GAY. Not at all. I want to see season 3 of this anime.I can’t believe that sebastian did all those hard works for nothing and I can’t stand to look at sebastian’s sad face… T^T I don’t want this anime to end just like that. I'm not sure about other Black Butler fans, but I was incredibly confused at the end of the first season. 8. Wth?!! Ciel send Elizabeth with another guy. I honestly couldn’t care less. sorry if my English are bad. If anyone can clarify WTF that was, I would greatly appreciate it. There has been a leak recently from an anime convention that a season three will be happening. Claude, well, I didn’t have much of an opinion about him. Well, turns out all that plot development was a liberty of the anime. And the deal with Claude was so evil and their desire for ciels soul was just an eerie feel that really showed the more evil side of the demons. I wasn't nearly so fine with that. I agree I’m not impress with Ciel twist personality too! Is there a large plot difference between the manga and the anima. But fixe your human problem first. dude, so with you! what about the last dance with lizzie? And for being confusing (if by any chance my comment is confusing). in your faces, we made your lives hell! ->тнιѕ poѕт conтaιnѕ ѕpoιlerѕ ғor Вlacĸ Вυтler ѕeaѕon one<-. And it made me hate the character, respect story-writer. Claude just… Well, I think I may have nightmares with him in it. my friends got so annoyed, because talking to me always came back to back butler! Even if Grell broke the fourth wall. I mean, I understood everything just fine, but it still leaves a “?” in my head. ‘Yes, my lord.’ But the main thing that I want to know, is WHY IS LAU STILL ALIVE? it would be amazing :D, Okay, hold it hold it HOLD IT!!! Hahaha its already 2013 and the ending still bugs me so i came back here to release that frustration First of all this is that brat Alois fault of why sebastian is is suffering from hunger now. It left no plot holes or mysteries exposed (at least, as far as I'm concerned). I shall now go and try not to cry over it anymore. And I’m all for it. Every time he came on my screen, I just wanted to punch him in the throat. Die Episode "Der einzig wahre Butler" ist die 2. Initially, I was skeptical about the second season and the new characters but they really added to the story. (Confused) Er, what happened? That would have been enough for me. I liked the story, idea, and end of this anime. You could tell by the way he looked in the final episode that he wasn’t happy with the thought of being Ciel’s butler forever. But all in all, I cried so hard when they left the servants and all of their friends. 2: I'm on episode 3 of season 2, and why does Ciel not know who Grell is, but Sebastian does? And not only that but also having to remain demon Ciel’s butler forever?! I was still very unclear about numerous of things (for example the contract between Sebastian and Claude and how did Sebastian get mixed up with being the demon who killed all of the citizens in Alois village?) If you do not wish to be spoiled either, then read no further. I’m still in tears over this show. He’s only 13 for christ’s sake! I do have to admit, the ending of Season 1 wasn’t as bad as the ending of Season 2. Over all, Black Butler was the best anime I’ve yet watched. it would surely be interesting…. I finished all of the second season in one day (BIG mistake) on FUNimation’s Youtube channel, all subbed.

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