Our team will review it and, if necessary, take action. Sara Lynn Hua is a contributing writer and editor for TutorMing. Pleco offers a wide database to search from, in which you can look up words, translations, synonyms, pronunciation, stroke order, example sentences and more. Whether you’re a student, teacher or visitor, it’s a good idea to have a Chinese online dictionary on hand. Line also offers daily phrases and quotes for those of you who are studying Chinese. Click here to jump straight to the reviews! HanziCraft will also provide example phrases and uses of the character, in both traditional and simplified Chinese. And because we love cats, we want you to save even more time by helping you figure out which are the best Chinese dictionaries to use. Very similar to Pleco, Hanping works with smartphones and has all the functions we need from a Chinese dictionary. Many features that go beyond the simple translation system have also been added to English-Chinese and Chinese-English digital dictionaries to help learners improve their Chinese. The next pop-up dictionary we’ll talk about is PeraPera, which has different features. Also, as you’ll see in our reviews below, in some of these online translators and dictionaries, you can also find examples containing the word you’re looking for. Install them, activate them if needed and let the magic happen. Your phone is now a Chinese learning weapon capable of translating any sign in the streets! Being able to listen to someone pronouncing the word correctly is great. (requires an internet connection). Magic! How about knowing how many Chinese characters and words exist in Chinese and how many you should learn? Time to talk about mobile Chinese dictionaries. The dictionary lets you test yourself with a quiz. Update: An earlier version of this post stated that Pleco's handwriting feature was not free. If you type a Chinese word, YouDao also includes the Chinese definition for that word, very similar to Dictionary.com. Right click (touch & hold) has been replaced with a simple click (touch) for quick access to copy to clipboard and the Speak it! Depending on your needs, we know you’ll find one or several Chinese dictionaries for you in this selection. Popup dictionaries are really useful when you’re reading a text online in Chinese and need to know the meaning of some words. This might be useful while learning, but if you need a quick translation, go for the handwriting option. The translation of new words adds a fantastic feature to this dictionary. That allows you to see more various definitions, content, explanations, and definitions that sites that offer mono-dictionaries. Did we miss any apps? Handwriting recognition. We’d love to have more extra features but this is not the purpose of this online Chinese dictionary. Keep in mind that Google Translate will do exactly the bare minimum - translate.

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