Thanks for watching! C30s, C60s and C90s were types of blank tape cassette you could record music onto, the numbers denoting the length of time available (so on a C90 for instance, you could fit the whole of Exile on Main Street, or a really tedious mixtape you made for the object of your affections). When Radiohead released In Rainbows in 2007, they let the genie out of the bottle as far as releasing music independently online was concerned. Ironically, there's never been more demand for photos with an "authentic" vintage hue. Prince might have mentioned watching Dynasty in his 1986 classic Kiss, but the following year the lesser-known Karel Fialka namedropped many more 80s shows besides - or rather his square-eyed son Matthew did - on the UK Top 10 hit Hey, Matthew. It's ironic, then, that among all this innovation was a track called Videotape, harking back to a home entertainment essential that now seems positively antiquated. The live action film of the same name picked up three Razzie nominations on its release in 1987, and is reputedly one of the worst movies ever made. Radio 1 Live Music - Bring Me The Horizon, Tom Walker & Red Hot Chilli Pipers - Leave A Light On. Impossible, impossible, Impossible, impossible They also obliterated the tradition of long promotional lead-in periods before major album releases. And if you're done with embarrassing me, On your own you can go ahead tell them I was careless, I forgot, I did, And now when all is done there is nothing to say, You have gone and so effortlessly On top of that, they express a high regard for the Garbage Pail Kids, a series of trading cards that peaked in popularity in schoolyards during the mid-80s. Impossible, impossible, Impossible, impossible Eighties new wave punk group Bow Wow Wow straddled the chasm separating high art and low art, parodying Manet's Le Déjeuner sur l'herbe on an album cover one minute and singing about wanting candy the next. A pager was an absolute essential back in the 90s if you were a member of the medical profession or a rapper. Impossible, impossible, Impossible, impossible Before Mike Patton helped lead Bay Area rockers Faith No More to international success in the 90s, they were fronted by adenoidal loafer Chuck Mosley, and their 1987 track We Care a Lot - about celebs' hollow concern for a range of worthy causes - was their first stone-cold classic. 11 song lyrics you probably won't understand if you're under 30 . Pop music should mirror the society in which it's made, although throughout the last 60 years, society has changed rapidly, meaning what is au courant today may be obsolete tomorrow. Den came back, Woolworths still sells goods online, but it's now impossible to make a warrior of yourself in its vicinity. California Girls was the main inspiration - its East Coast girls and Southern girls becoming Ukraine girls and Moscow girls. Copyright: Writer(s): Arnthor Birgisson, Ina Wroldsen Lyrics Terms of Use, I remember years ago, Someone told me I should take Parents were so horrified by the film that they petitioned for it to be withdrawn from circulation. A verse in and Moz got to work repudiating the claim America is the land of the free, suggesting it could not be the case in a country where "the president is never black, female or gay". There was something about God and family. What happened to the New York post-punk revival bands, BBC Music - 7 things that were still a part of our lives when Arctic Monkeys released their debut album 10 years ago. Tell them all I know now, Shout it from the roof tops Video cassettes were cumbersome, took up too much space in your lounge and regularly chewed up your favourite movies without compunction, but back in the days before catch-up and on-demand, they ushered in a hitherto unthinkable revolution of viewing convenience. Write it on the sky line, All we had is gone now Brett Eldredge. If you have any requests, feel free to leave them in the comments. You had to be there. The songs featured in the auct... Papa Roach trolls Donald Trump with 'Last Resort' lyrics. But as Låpsley’s song suggests, we've lost the opportunity to unburden ourselves to a random stranger with a friendly voice in the process. You have won, you can go ahead tell them, Tell them all I know now By Jeremy Allen . Despite the retro nature of the title, Maroon 5 had one of their biggest ever hits with Payphone in 2012, selling nearly 10 million copies, and it was Adam Levine and Co.'s first UK No.1 as well. Radiohead - Videotape (Scotch Mist Version). Shout it from the roof tops, Write it on the sky line Throughout We Care a Lot, FNM claim to care about everything from disasters, fires, floods to killer bees, the late Rock Hudson, the army, navy, airforce and marines, and "smack and crack and wack" also. The song was written by Johnny Cash to his wife. But the idea of pouring your heart out to the operator has long been a trope of popular song - think Chuck Berry's Memphis, Tennessee, Tom Waits' Martha or Manhattan Transfer's Operator (which Låpsley's song samples) - that we can all still relate to the sentiment. Paul Simon was so partial to a particular model of film called Kodachrome that he named a song after it in 1973. The colour film he eulogises about ("Kodachrome - they give us those nice bright colours / They give us the greens of summers / Makes you think all the world's a sunny day") was manufactured by Eastman Kodak from 1935 until 2009, when it was discontinued after losing market share. ... to where we began To that point which is days apart That stamp right next to your heart To your heart, to your heart To your heart, to your heart. Papa Roach has received hundreds of thousands of 'likes' on Twitter after using the lyrics to their 2000 smash hit Last Resort to troll … Alexander Graham Bell, who invented the telephone in 1876, had such high hopes for his newfangled device, he speculated that one day every city in America would have one. Get instant explanation for any lyrics that hits you anywhere on the web! Its obsolescence leaves the song preserved in time like a gloriously retro soft-focus Instamatic pic of your nan. Cause I can read your heart It wants to say goodbye I can read your heart like an open book It's written in yo.. 7 emotional songs by musicians who miss their father, 10 film soundtrack moments that’ll have you crying in your popcorn. Nowadays children wonder what red telephone boxes are for, and when you tell them you insert money into them in order to call somebody, they invariably laugh at the absurdity of the suggestion. And now when all is gone, there is nothing to say I remember years ago, Someone told me I should take You might wonder why someone didn't call social services given the amount of time Matthew was allowed to spend in front of the box, and yet what millennials will find hard to comprehend is the fact that everybody used to binge on TV like that. When the London-based punk five-piece X-Ray Spex put out Warrior in Woolworths as the b-side to Highly Flammable in April 1979, the American chainstore we affectionately know as Woolies was in rude health. All my scars are open, Tell them what I hoped would be Write it on the sky line, All we had is gone now [WATCH] LÃ¥psley - Glastonbury 2016 Highlights. The dissolution of the U.S.S.R. in 1991 meant post-war satellite states of the Soviet Union became independent countries again, including Ukraine and Georgia (both mentioned in the song). Lyrics I Can Read Your Heart by Aaron Lines. In the days of the pager, the best joke going was the number “55378008” - turn the device upside down and it spells "boobless". A list of lyrics, artists and songs that contain the term "heart" - from the website. See your mum and dad sat in front of the gogglebox all night watching whatever's on? President Barack Obama invalidated a third of this assertion when he took office in 2008, while Hillary Clinton gets the chance to nullify another third if she becomes the first female president in 2016's United States presidential election. Impossible, impossible, Impossible, impossible 3rd party content may contain ads - see our FAQs for more info. That used to be the whole family. Tell them I was happy, And my heart is broken With a nudge and a wink, The Beatles paid homage to The Beach Boys and Chuck Berry with the 1968 White Album opener Back in the U.S.S.R., reworking the title of Berry's Back in the USA, while mimicking Brian Wilson's unique brand of baroque barbershop pop. But pop has proved to be remarkably durable, with a good song outlasting much of the other cultural ephemera of its time. Here are 11 more examples of tracks where attempts to capture the spirit of the times have been left looking a bit old hat. We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly.

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