The way the camera zooms into her piercing eyes, Everything about this show was beautiful.

Tencho’s son is back! Yoshizawa shouldn’t be throwing around his heart that easily and it will make his relationship with Yui much more meaningful if his feelings for her grow slowly.

Though I did feel empty after reading it. Support It highlights the process of their change as opposed to focusing on the product of their change.

In fact, i think whoever planned the anime adaptation was thinking about cross-medium synergy (boosting manga sales right as it was ending) first and foremost.I'd still recommend this series to anyone for its beautiful visuals, non-verbal storytelling and subtle humor, but it turned out to be less than i was expecting. ©2020 All Rights Reserved.

It is technically a romance show (it deals with love after all, or, to be precise, different forms love takes), but the relationship between Akira and Kondou is not the point of the show. Some companies even go so far as only hiring students from a certain university, because they tend to be smarter or because they have had good experiences with those students. Press Room She's 17 years old and is still in high school. I’m happy to see that Kondo is gradually going back to writing, and Akira rekindling the great friendship she and Haruka once shared.

You watch Anime, therefore, you are trash by society's standards.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Koi wa Ameagari no You ni / Love is Like after the Rain / After the Rain, Episode 12: "After the Rain". From seeing what you said about the ending, I like it. I actually can't think of many similar characters like this in general out of the tons of shows I've seen.

Even I fell in love with her after getting to know her better. This was in no way a positive ending at all, as Kondo looks at the sky like the sparrow he mentioned earlier. I think the ending was necessary given current trends in Japanese society.

It seems like some time has passed since the fight Akira had with Tencho because the breath of Haruka starts to fog in the air and Tencho needs a heater while he is sitting at home and writing. I both hate and love how it ended, no, seriously. Just an older mentor and younger mentee/friend instead. Her cold, shy, and intimidating personality keeps her from opening up to most people, including her friends and co-workers.

Japanse Title: Tsuyu no atosaki (つゆのあとさき), It seems like some time has passed since the fight Akira had with Tencho because the breath of Haruka starts to fog in the air and Tencho needs a heater while he is sitting at home and writing. Personally, I thought After the Rain ended flawlessly. There is no such thing as an Anime elitist. It is cute, it isn’t rushed and even though I would have loved to see the two of them going out and hugging each other, I think it’s good that they are taking things slow.

They didn't end being with each other thank goodness im so happy Woow the cringe is gone. It’s goofy, dramatic, and mellow, all combined with the vintage art style it presents us. I will be back with a full series review soon, but lets look a bit back to what this episode resolved and what it lacked. A bit disappointed that there was no proper conclusion to the side characters, but aside from that it was beautiful.

He didn’t give a damn about Akira or her feelings for Tencho in the end, even though he was trying so hard in the beginning to go on a date with her and blackmail her. I had a feeling that's how it would end.

All of this makes me wonder if Akira is struggling to find her balance in life.

While Kondo is going through a midlife crisis, she's going through her own teenage, coming of age crisis. Thank you for saving me hours of time by telling me the manga is ultimately a huge waste of time. You have to understand the Japanese school system a bit for that. I think it was neither dropped, nor was there no explanation. But it's normal. Norse Mythology Anime Einherjar Announces Theme Song Artists and Additional Cast, Yume100 TV Anime Announced for Summer 2018, After the Rain Episode 12 (Final) Review: After the Rain, MANGA.TOKYO Will Get Anime Goods on Your Behalf, Winter 2020 Anime: Official Info, Airdates & Trailers, After the Rain Episode 1 Review: The Sound of Rain, 1st Episode Anime Impressions: After the Rain, After the Rain Episode 2 Review: Raindrops on Green Leaves, After the Rain Episode 3 Review: Raining Tears, After the Rain Episode 4 Review: Gentle Rain, After the Rain Episode 5 Review: The Scent of Rain, After the Rain Episode 6 Review: Fine Rain, After the Rain Episode 7 Review: Heavy Rain, After the Rain Episode 8 Review: Quiet Rain, After the Rain Episode 9 Review: Rain of Sorrow, After the Rain Episode 10 Review: Sudden Rain, After the Rain Episode 11 Review: Passing Shower.

It was a cute ending, but what did she decide? Its chapters were compiled into ten tankōbon volumes. I have never been in a Japanese high school and we don’t have anything similar where I am from, but here it is normal that you have to fill out a form and tell the teachers what you want to do with your life. 8/10, third best show of the season after Yorimoi and Killing Bites. There are prestigious ones, better known ones and the ones go just ‘get into’ if you failed all other entrance exams and don’t want to wait a year to re-take the exam (or if your parents don’t allow you to wait another year…). Compensated dating is a big problem, and the author clearly had an axe to grind with middle-aged men.

So, the raws for the final chapter (chapter 82) of the manga just posted online today. A total fail of a story, but I gave the anime mediocre marks because of the good visuals. All in all it was a cute show and I enjoyed watching it. Down to earth and not much over the top? I'm not just talking about her tall, slender physique matched with her luscious long hair, frosty indigo eyes, and stylish but humbling wardrobe, but her whole presentation throughout the anime. The whole setup of Akira having a crush on Kondou is an excuse to force interactions between them that would be nearly impossible otherwise. Both of them seem to have simply continued their everyday life. It does seem to bother her.

(Well, almost everything.).

Not his mother, no, it was Tencho who told him it is fine to fail, as long as you get up again and finish what you were doing. The whole age-gap romance premise gets dropped after episode 9 without explanation.

Thank you for reading my reviews for After the Rain and I hope you will be back with me when I start my reviews for Otaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii next season! Both of them seem to have simply continued their everyday life. Can't we just hold onto this show a little longer? Probably not as a man, because it was a simple hug, but he loves her as a human and wants her to be happy.

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